We Made It!

Well, we made it through without any casualties. Except for the victim, of course.

The Mystery Dinner was this past weekend. Everyone seemed to have fun, and that’s the most important thing. Rob did a good job with the food (I know because I ate some of it) and V killed it with the game and the trivia and all that jazz. Even the costumes looked great. If you came to the dinner send us all of your pictures! Anyway, enough about the event, on to the next week!

This week’s special will be Chicken Fried Quail, with a Truffle Mushroom Sauce.

Tuesday Boozeday is today, with $7 Red and White Glasses, House Cocktails, Wings and Burrata.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials will be all the cocktails we did during the Prohibition Dinner for $7. That way if you didn’t get to come, you can get a small taste of the fun we had.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting is going to be all Tuscan Wines. So, if you really like Italian wines, this will be the tasting for you. Or if you just really like good wine. Or if you ever fantasize about hot Italian men. So, let’s just assume it’s a wine tasting for everyone.

For our Wine Club members, or wanna be members, this month’s tasting is Saturday September 29th at 4:00pm.

Hope to see you this week!

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