The Week of Dirk

Hello, everyone!

The Whiskey Dinner was last Thursday, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Now, I’m not a very accurate judge because I had to do quality control that night. And the more quality control I did, the better everything else got! Anyway, we always forget to take pictures and have other people send us their pictures from events, so apologies for that. I know people enjoy it when we have a little more of an online presence. I’m just not a super “online presence” kind of guy. But I have a potential solution for the next event we do (besides just trying to remember to take pictures). We’re going to have a little competition to see who sends us the best picture. Winner will get something nice of my choosing. Maybe a bottle of wine, maybe something crafty and homeade (by V), we’ll see. The next event will be our ANNIVERSARY! BIZZI’S IN THE HOUSE! We’ll be turning 8 the first week of June and we’ll have an amazing Wine Dinner to celebrate. I’ll send you guys the menu next week and the wine and all that. Just know that you should be here to celebrate with us.

Special this week is Beef Tenderloin Filet Tips tossed with Brown Gravy, Garlic and Onions, served with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables. Home cooking for the win. But, you know, fancy home cooking. The desserts to start the week will be Lemoncello Cake with Marscapone and German Chocolate Cake in a Glass.

Tuesday Boozeday is tonight with $7 Wings, Burrata, House Glass of Red and White and House Cocktails.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials will all feature Sparkling Wine

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be all German Wines to celebrate the one and only Dirk Nowitzki. Unless you’re soulless, you love The Big German. So, regardless of what happens, tonight, we’re taking Thursday to pay homage to the greatest sportsman in the history of Dallas. We’ll do a few reds and a white or two, but all from Germany. So, not only can you drink amazing and interesting wine, you can think about how awesome Dirk is. Win-win.

That’s all I got. Although, I’d just like to re-iterate that Dirk is the best.