Surf & Turf & Surf….& Turf…..

Hey, guys.

Late start, because we’re setting up for an anniversary party later tonight. I’m going with a joke about how hot it is outside, because that’s incredibly easy/lazy. Boy, it sure is hot outside, huh? It would feel much nicer if it wasn’t so hot! Nailed it.

The special this week will be Surf & Turf with Filet, topped with Lobster and Shrimp cooked with Truffle Garlic Butter. (Random capitalization is amazing) Apparently, today is National Filet Mignon Day. I didn’t believe Rob when he said that was a thing, but it turns out he wasn’t bull….horsing around. So come celebrate this holiday that I didn’t know existed until just now. It’s very important to me.

Tuesday is tonight, and apparently we’re already celebrating it.

Wednesday’s cocktail tasting will be a Spiked Lemonade, a Pina Colada and Fancy Mimosas. I figure it’s the only possible booze that anyone will be willing to drink in 100 degree heat.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be all Tuscan Wines. So look out for Brunello and Super Tuscans and all that jazz. It’s gonna be totally radical like getting a Flock of Seagulls haircut while watching The Facts of Life and listening to Rick Astley. So bitchin’.

That’s all I got. Wish us luck!