Stuffed Quail

Hey, dudes and dudettes.
How goes it? Is everyone enjoying this lovely weather? It’s just a balmy 111 degrees outside. Over the weekend, the Rangers recorded the hottest temperature at opening pitch in their history, so that’s something! I hate talking about the weather, honestly, but it’s just so hot outside that I can’t think or talk about anything else. It fries your brain. Fall can’t come soon enough. Anyway, on to the rest of the message.
Firstly, the special this week is wild! It’s a jalapeno cheddar stuffed quail with a peach glaze. It’s weird and delicious. It’s time to come up and branch out. Live a little.
Tuesday Boozeday is tonight, with $7 Glass of red or white wine, house cocktails, wings and burrata.
Wednesday’s Cocktail specials will all be Caribbean-themed. That way, anyone who isn’t on vacation from this oven we call Texas can at least feel like they are.
Thursday’s Wine Tasting is gonna be a little off the beaten path. We always do mostly reds because that’s what most people want to drink, typically. However, with the summer here, we’ll mix it up a bit. It’s gonna be a Rose Tasting! Don’t panic, we aren’t gonna do a bunch of blushes or sweet wines or anything. We’ll do serious Roses for serious people. If you get a wild hair, come on up at 7:00pm.
Lastly, the cellar tasting will be this Saturday, the 28th at 4:00pm.
Mike & The Hive