Stuffed Pork Tenderloin and Italian Wine Tasting

Hey, guys.

Sorry that I’m a little tardy to the party. I mean, I don’t really consider a few ours late to be tardy, but that may be why I am always getting in trouble for never being on time to anything…. 

The special this week is goat cheese and arugula-stuffed pork tenderloin with an apple chutney, served with fingerling potatoes and rainbow carrots.

The wine tasting on Thursday will be all Italian wines. I have them picked out, and I need to get the tasting notes done, but I believe we’ll do a Vino Noble di Montalcino, a Chianti, a Super Tuscan and one other one. I’ll get you the notes tomorrow.

If any of you would like to volunteer to do my homework for me,  that would be great.