Seared Asian Shrimp with Peach Cilantro Chile Glaze and Coconut Rice

Hey, guys.

School starts tomorrow, so I have basically no time for socializing. I mean, usually I don’t have any desire to socialize, but now I have a legitimate reason. So, on to it, then!
The special this week is Seared Asian Shrimp with a Peach Cilantro Chile Glaze and Coconut Rice.
Wednesday’s Cocktail specials will be Cranberry Orange Curacao Sparklers, Peach Cosmopolitans and Raspberry Lemoncello Grapparitas. Fruity and light.
Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be all German Wines. So I’m thinking a Riesling, a Gewurtztraminer, a Pinot Noir and a wildcard. I’ll send you guys the specifics, but it’s gonna be perfect for summer. And don’t worry about the sweetness, I’ll make sure that the wines are enjoyable for everyone.
Bizzi’s Cellar Wine Club tasting will be on Saturday, September 14th at 4:00pm. So you have about a month for that. Still, it’s nice to get back in the swing of things.
Wish me luck at school, I’ll need it.