Seafood Pasta!

Good afternoon, all!

If you come in this week you will notice someone very important is missing – Elaine had a bilateral knee replacement this weekend! She is recovering well and eager to get back to work. She is thankful for all of the well wishes and kind thoughts she has continued to receive.

As for the restaurant – The show must go on…..

If you are a sea food lover, our dinner special this week is not one to miss! House made pasta with shrimp, scallops, and baby clams tossed in a bruschetta and wine butter sauce.

Of course it is Tuesday Boozeday, so come in for our drink and appetizer specials tonight.

Thursday starts a new month of wine tastings – All French wines all month long

This week starts with Rhone Valley – be there or be sad that you miss out?

Come have a drink for The Queen Bee!

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