Seabass Special and Zinfandel Wine Tasting

Hello, everyone

Firstly, and most importantly, the Bizzi’s phone number is changing. While we still have the original one up for a bit longer, you should call the new phone number. 817-304-0034. We’ve changed it on all our sites and everything, but I just want to give everyone a friendly reminder.

How goes it, what’s new, pleasantries etc. School beckons, so I don’t have any remaining brainpower (which is saying something!) to come up with something funny or clever. I’ll have to settle for informative.

The special this week is chilean seabass, topped with a garlic white wine reduction and served with heirloom carrots and risotto. We know that Lent has started, so we wanted to give people a fish option. We’ll keep doing a fish special until Lent is over, as well. So if you’re observing, but are tired of eating the same thing over and over, come see us.

The wine tasting this week will be a zinfandel tasting. At 7:00pm on Thursday, I will pour four different zinfandels from four different wineries. I even have the tasting notes done, already! I will go ahead and attach them, and hopefully they appeal to you.

We’ll see you, soon.