Sauerbraten And “A Night To Remember” Menu

Yesterday gets chalked up to “one of those days”. Do you ever have the feeling that things are going just a little too smoothly, and that maybe, just maybe, pride does go before a fall? In any case, I was cheerily zipping around getting ready to open up for the week, and was lugging a huge load of restaurant supplies into our refrigerator/freezer room when that little red light went off in my brain — something was awry. I would say “long story short” but I’m going to give you the whole sad episode. In our new (and very large) freezer, a bracket broke on the top shelf. That made the shelf fall, which opened the freezer door, which sent unbelievable amounts of frozen food to the floor (and kept the door open). This bracket must have broken Saturday night after we closed. I spent six hours discarding everything from our freezer, sanitizing the floors, walls, and freezer, and re-stocking said freezer. Our chef also had to work all day ordering previously un-needed foods from our food purveyors.

But we are going to have a great week anyway! Sauerbraten, a delicious German pot roast, Semmelknoedel (Bread Dumplings), & Seasonal Vegetables will be featured this weekend. Our Cheese of the Month is Polder Blanc Gouda, a mild & creamy goat cheese from Holland.

Please make reservations for our Annual Fall Night to Remember(Menu Here) which will be held Saturday, November 8th! A good time will be had by all.

Here’s to good luck — keep calm & carry on!

Queen Bee & The Hive