Pork Noisette

Sometimes I think I would have been a good pioneer woman. Then something happens to prove me wrong. Our dishwasher went out last week (no, I don’t mean the nice guys that wash our many, many dishes, but our mechanical machine that has now become an expensive boat anchor). After spending hours washing flatware, plates, and, worst of all, pots & pans, I’m firmly relieved to live in a time when one can load up a machine and the dishes come out sparkling. Some days I just have to say, “It’s only money.” Unfortunately I say that a lot of days.

But I digress. As the summer melts away, we’re serving up several dishes that include watermelon (mmmm), and this weekend we will be featuring Pork Noisette (Tenderloin Medallions) Topped with White Wine/Mustard/Demi-Glace and served with Sauteed Red Cabbage & Roasted Root Veg. Enjoy it!

Have a great week — Queen Bee & The Hive