Pinot Noir Tasting Notes and Tonight’s Cocktail Specials

I finished the wine tasting notes for tomorrow’s Pinot Noir wine tasting. I have attached them to this message. As always, they’re really good wines. I had a little fun with the last one, which is a Pinot Noir Sparkling Wine. Seemed like a fun way to try a different style of Pinot. Also, the 2013 1er Cru Gevrey Chambertin Red Burgundy is seriously unbelievable. I can never get people to drink enough Burgundy, especially the good stuff, so hopefully you guys come and take advantage of it.

Also, tonight’s cocktail specials will all be warm cocktails, just because of the weather. Let’s celebrate Fall by getting a little bit plastered. The $7 cocktails tonight will be a Bizzi’s Hot Toddy, a Polar Bear Coffee and Elderflower Chocolat Epices. Let’s do this thing!