Pesto Chicken & Shrimp

Hello, everyone!

I’m super late with this, so I’m gonna hit the bullet points and you can use your imagination to fill in the rest of my hilarious and poignant message. I’m sure it was very moving.

The special for this week is Pesto Chicken & Shrimp with Garden Rice and Lemon Butter.

Tonight (Tuesday) we’ll do half bottles for half price, again. So if you see a wine under $200 that you would like to try, you can pay half the cost and get half the bottle. It’s a great way to either try new wines or to have a couple of glasses of something if you see something that sparks your fancy.

Wednesday we’ll do another cocktail tasting, featuring La Paloma (grapefruit and tequila), The Griffith Park Swizzle (bourbon, lime, absinthe, mint) and Raspberry Blossom (raspberry liquer, vodka, elderflower bitters).

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be (potentially) better than last week’s wine tasting! I’m doing something similar to what I did last week, but for Italy. So I picked the 4 most popular (according to me) wine styles from Italy and we’ll do one of each. I got a Brunello, a Barolo, a Chianti and an Amarone. I believe that the average score on the wines is 93. Assuming the wine that I bought actually shows up, this will be special. As I said last week, if people enjoy these higher quality tastings, I’ll keep doing them. I’d really prefer to keep doing them. 😊

Lastly, I have most of the wines picked out for the Anniversary Dinner Wine Tasting. I will send you the tasting notes for it this week. If I don’t please feel free to shove it back in my face.

I hope to see everyone soon, have a great week!