Pan Seared Quail with Shaved Truffle Potatoes

Hello, sorry I’m late. I’ve been working on the wine tasting for Thursday night. Once I confirm which ones will actually show up and which ones are pipe-dreams, I will let everyone know. Again, and I know I’ve been repeating myself, but you’re gonna want to come to this one. Outside of that, I may need all of you to message my Macroeconomics and Spanish professors en masse, because instead of studying for two different exams that are tomorrow, I have been looking at wines and doing the weekly message. Probably does not bode well for my future schooling. But maybe if you guys let them know how crucial it was that I get this message and tasting done, because otherwise people wouldn’t have gotten to read my message until tomorrow night and they also wouldn’t have been able to drink as fancy a level of burgundy on Thursday. Really important stuff, obviously.

The special this week is Pan Seared Quail with Shaved Truffle Potatoes & Creamed Spinach and a Green Chili Tomato Sauce. We haven’t done a Quail special in a long time, and I know there’s a lot of y’all that love it. Remember all the different types of Quail we’ve done throughout the years. It’s one of the few things I get nostalgic over. Reminds me of Heather.

Tuesday’ we’re doing nothing special because I said so.

Wednesday we’re doing a cocktail tasting, this time in the spirit of summer. I figured we’d use some berries and citrus and light/floral flavors. The things that work well despite it being 130 degrees outside. So, in light of that, the cocktail tasting will feature a Spiked Raspberry Lemonade, a Blackberry Cucumber Gimlet and Jalapeno Rose Palomas. I doubt it’ll truly do anything about the heat, but maybe you’ll be so drunk that you don’t care that it’s miserable outside.

Thursday’s wine tasting, as promised, will be Burgundy. I told you that you’d really want to come to this one. I don’t usually do tastings that are Pinot Noir dominant because some of the people that come to our tastings aren’t fans of pinot, so I try not to do too many and irritate them. I’m a very considerate person, despite what my wife, family, friends, acquaintances and strangers on the internet say. I will send out the specific tasting notes when I get a hard confirmation on specific wines, but just know that I will make damn sure that all of these wines are good. Burgundy is special to me, and I don’t get to do them often enough for my liking, so I’m gonna make it count. You should come in. And if you don’t make it, we’ll all make sure to tell you just how great it was and how much you missed.

I’ve rambled on long enough, and Mom is all the way across the room, so it’s not even worth finding out if she has anything to say in the message. Let’s just call it a day.

(“It’s a day”)