New Fall Menus and German Oktoberfest Tasting

I told you guys that there was a ton of new information.

We have our new Fall Menu officially out, and I have posted it in the menu section for anyone interested to see it. We’ll run this until (I’m guessing) November or maybe December. There’s a few requests from people that we have honored, so if we did something you wanted, just assume we did it for you, in particular.

In addition to that, we’re doing a German Oktoberfest Beer tasting tonight to go along with our continued celebration of Oktoberfest (we’re also doing German food specials, as well. Plus I’ll do a German wine tasting this month, too.). I’ve posted the tasting notes to that Beer Tasting in this message.

Lastly, the wine tasting tomorrow is an Italian Wine Tasting. I have also attached the tasting notes to this message, as well. It’s gonna be a fun one. The Franciacorta in particular looks amazing.


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