Napa Valley Wine Tasting Notes and Wednesday Cocktail Tasting

So, firstly, I have attached the Napa Valley wine tasting notes for tomorrow’s wine tasting at 7:00pm. It turned out pretty killer. It’s not what I normally enjoy, stylistically, but the wines ended up being great. I even have a few famous wines in there. I especially wanted to do Chateau Montelena because of the movie Bottle Shock. Mom absolutely loves that movie and has been telling everyone about it, so I figured we’d get together and taste the wine that caused the entire movie to exist in the first place.

Also, tonight’s cocktail tasting will feature a Limoncello Collins, a Rhuby Daquiri and a Cucumber Margarita. The Limoncello Collins, especially, looks weird. But I love limoncello, so I’m gonna guess that it’s good.