Murder Most Foul

Is anyone ready for a murder mystery? How about a Prohibition-themed murder mystery? I realize this is sort of an odd introduction, but we had a fun idea. I think we may have shared it with a few people, but we are officially announcing it, now. Saturday, September 15th, we will be doing a mystery/prohibition-themed/cocktail dinner. Everyone and everything will be prohibition-themed, so we’ll have costumes and speakeasy passwords, etc. We’ll also have a murder for everyone to solve. Obviously, we don’t expect you to be sober while doing your detective work, so we’ll have drink specials, along with tastings designed for the period. We’ll release more information over the next week, but we wanted to start letting everyone know what the deal is so that you guys can start getting your reservations in. On to the rest of the message.

The special for the week will be a New York Strip, topped with Scallops, Shrimp and a Chipotle Hollandaise. Surf and Turf with a twist.

Tuesday is our Boozeday, with $7 Glass of White and Red Wine, House Cocktails, Burrata and Wings.

Wednesday’s Cocktail specials will all be peach-based, especially considering how many Parker County peaches we bought from Mellissa. We gotta do something with all of them.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting is all Syrah. I’m always excited, and so I think I’m not exactly an impartial commenter, but this tasting looks good. I believe all 4 wines have 90 or above scores in various publications, with one receiving a (I believe) 93 from Spectator. It’s not as sexy as some of our tastings, but it’s damn good wine.

Ok, that’s all I got. Finish reading, go back to pretending to work, and then call us and make a reservation. See you, soon.

Mike & The Hive