Mint Week!

The Polar Bear was out of town for a week. The first two nights were bliss. I turned the air conditioning down to 73 degrees (anyone who rats me out is in big trouble), stretched out in the entire bed, and watched trash TV while eating nachos until the wee hours of the morning. The last five nights were also an exercise in excess and became just a tad miserable. He’s back, so I expect that I’ll be in bed on time (and on my own side) with lights out by 11. Also, no snacks in bed. Sometimes a scheduled routine is good for me (although I will never say that out loud).

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday this week our martinis are Lemon-Cucumber-Mint, Mint Julep (not quite a martini, but minty, in any case), and Mango Mojito. This weekend, our wine flight consists of three delightful reds: Mezzacorona Teraldego, Montevelho Red Blend, and Honoro Vera Grenacha.

Our feature this weekend is a lovely Seared Mahi with Pomegranate Reduction over Herbed Rice Pilaf.

Mark your calendars for our Third Anniversary Wine Dinner: Saturday, June 7th. Some teasers: Tuna Steak with Honey-Glazed Vegetables, Gravlax with Crepes, Tiramisu…. We’ll post the menu and the wines next week!

See you soon — Queen Bee & The Hive