Mexican Cordon Bleu and Merlot Tasting

Hey, everyone

My brain is functioning at about 50%, and while I’m aware that this is still like double what most people are working with, I’m not gonna be as sharp as I usually am. So, sorry if this message is missing my signature wit and depth. I promise I’ll eventually get back to 100%. Probably not next week, because I have to celebrate Halloween sometime, but maybe the week after that.

The special is a Stuffed Mexican Cordon Bleu with a Green Chile Sauce.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials will be Cucumber Sparklers, Mexican Mules and Peach Mojitos.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be Merlot (Merlots?) from Around The World. So, as much as people ignore Merlot as a viable wine to drink, this should show people that it has a lot to offer. No longer should it be associated with that cheap California swill of the early 2000’s (which shouldn’t have even mattered, because the rest of the world was still doing killer Merlot at that time). Besides there being plenty of good stuff coming out of The States, Bordeaux features Merlot prominently and some of the best Super-Tuscans are either 100% or dominant Merlot. And we’ll get a taste of all of it. Keep an open mind, please.

Don’t forget to sign up for our November 1st and 2nd Fall Night To Remember Dinner. I have already posted the menu previously.