Merlot From Around The World Tasting Tonight

I just got the tasting notes for tonight’s Merlot tasting. People have a big misconception about Merlot, and a lot of it stems from the movie “Sideways”. Now, as much as I love that movie, that view on Merlot was very reductive and has really damaged Merlot’s value in the United States. At the time the movie was made California was producing mountains of really cheap and jammy Merlot. It was all about quantity over quality. However, the rest of the world was still producing amazing Merlot, just as they have for hundreds of years. Chateau Petrus is year in and year out one of the most expensive wines in the world and also one of the highest rated. It’s also primarily made from Merlot. I would really like to change everyone’s perception of that particular grape, because I think ignoring it is a big mistake. Merlot has so much offer. So come in and see what it tastes like from Italy, France, Washington and, yes, California. The tasting notes are included, if you’re interested in taking a peek. 

(Also, California has backed off making that crazy amount of cheap Merlot. You can still find low quality stuff, but that is the case anywhere with anything. Ironically, they tanked their own value by doing what they did and made American Merlot almost impossible to sell. As a result, they were forced to actually put more effort into making it and rehabilitate the grape’s image. It’s actually a really fascinating story. A story I will expand upon if you come in for the tasting tonight at 7:00pm.)