Macaron Class With Veronika!

Exciting news! We’ve decided to let Veronika put on a Macaron class! For those of you who have been coming in, lately, you know exactly how good they are. They’re the best Macarons that I’ve had outside of France. So many people have been asking her to bring them in that we figured it’d be easier if we just taught everyone how to make them.

On Saturday, September 30th, at Noon, Macaronika will lead a class on Macaron-making, from scratch. She’ll take you front to back on everything you need to know to make them, yourselves. The class will last from 12:00pm until around 2:00pm. We will provide cheese with charcuterie to eat and wine to drink to aid in the learning process. I know alcohol and cheese always helps me retain information. The class will cost $30 for everything. Call to make reservations, so we know how much to prepare. I will be attending the class, as well, to try to figure out how she makes them so tasty, so hopefully I’ll see you there.

Thanks to everyone, and a special thanks to Macaronika! #bizzisbistro #macarons #bizzisclassroom