Lobster Tail Gnocchi and Blind Tasting

Hey, guys!

I have a few cool things going on for this week, so I feel like I can get right to it. Pretend I said something pithy and you had a hearty laugh out loud (or an LOL as the kids these days say). Perhaps you’re even rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL). Whatever the case, I’m sure whatever it is that you imagined I said was sharp and incredibly quick-witted. You’re welcome.

The special this week is lobster tail gnocchi, with chunks of lobster tail, gnocchi, mushrooms and garlic all tossed with a lemon butter tomato sauce. It’s a mouthful to say, but also fortunately to eat.

Tonight, I’m not doing anything special because it took me so long to get this email out that it’s too late for me to do anything super cool. It’s fine, I forgive you.

Wednesday night, I’m doing half off half bottles. So if you want to drink a half bottle of wine, pick one (under $200 and gotta be a cork, obviously) and I’ll crack it open. If there’s something you just need to try and it’s not by the glass, this is a good way to taste it. That’s what I do.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting is gonna be fun. Instead of doing a different theme, we’re doing a different structure. I have 4 wines for the tasting, but nobody will know what the wines are. I will provide everyone with four different blind-tasting wines and the Guild of Sommeliers blind-tasting worksheets and you guys will try to guess what each wine is. The 1st prize winner gets a bottle of wine. Second place gets to watch on with envy. All four of the wines are “fair game” which means I’m not doing anything super weird. They’re normal grapes/blends. They’re still going to be amazing wines, so just look at it as a chance to do the same wine tasting we always do, but maybe walk away with a free bottle of good wine on top of it. I’ll send out more details tomorrow or Thursday, but I’m excited.

I hope to see you guys, soon!