Like A Proud Mama!

Happy Tuesday, all! Thanks to everyone who came to our anniversary dinner! If you have been to one of our dinners before, then you know how much Elaine and I stress about them! You would also know that it is for absolutely no reason at all… Rob and his crew always do a fantastic job and Michael will forever blow me away with his wine pairings. Saturday was no exception – Delicious! Enough bragging on The Hive…

Tuesday Boozeday is the usual – $7 glass of red or white, house cocktails, wings, fried mozzarella, and brie.

Wednesday we’ll be shaking it up with citrus cocktail features.

Thursday we’ll be pouring the wines from the Anniversary Dinner – and they are fabulous.  7 p.m. sharp.

This week we’ll be featuring Beef & Broccoli with White Rice and Brown Pan Butter Sauce. For out catch of the week we have Mahi with Honey Cilantro Glaze and Seasonal Starch & Veg.

For you Bizzi’s Cellar Wine Club members – your wines are here from last month’s tasting, and we will have our June tasting on Saturday, June 23rd at 4 p.m.  Eight wines, eight tastes.  Heaven.


Have a great week!


V & The Hive