Lamb Chops and Fall Wine Tasting

Hello, everyone.

Sorry for the delay, I was working on the tasting and some other wine things for the week/the November Wine Dinner. I figured most people would feel like that was more important than the message. Alcohol first, information second. That’s how I was raised, at least.

The special for the week is Pesto Lamb Chops with a Truffle Sauce.

Wednesday’s cocktail specials will feature Peach Cosmos, Cucumber Margaritas and Cassis Mojitos.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be a “Welcome to Fall” wine tasting, featuring all heavier red wines. Things that are chewy with some body and depth. I’ll send out the specific notes tomorrow, but they’ll be nice and big to ring in the colder weather.

I have more information to send you guys, tomorrow, but I just wanted to get this message out there.

Talk to you, soon.