Just me, today….

Hello, everyone. V and Mom are out, so it’s just me, here, and I’m scrambling to try to get everything ready for the week. As such, this will be a short and to the point message. But first, a question: What is your favorite “fancy” cocktail?

Tuesday Boozeday is in effect with the usual specials. Glass of select red or white wine, house cocktails, wings and burrata.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials will be 3 selections off of our new cocktail menu.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be all Cabernet Sauvignon, all night! Should be a real crowd-pleaser. In addition to the wine tasting, we’ll also be featuring a cocktail tasting, with 3 prohibition-style mini cocktails. Come in and try one or the other, or, if you’re brave (or Trey), both.

Since Mom isn’t here, I have no idea if she wants to inform you of anything with regards to the Cellar, so I’m going to assume not. Have a good night, and we’ll see you soon!