Italian Stuffed Chicken and Holiday Sparkling Wine Tasting

So, Mom wrote the majority of the message today:
“Good afternoon, friends.

Two big things that we need to make sure everyone knows about:

1) We are heading into our last open week for 2019 — so be sure to come in for your Bizzi’s fix before the end of the week!  We will be closed from Sunday, December 22, 2019 until January 7th. We figure to use that time to spruce everything up a bit, as well.  

2) Wynette Griffin, pianist extraordinaire, and I will be playing four hands piano on Thursday night (starting around 6:30pm) to get you into the Christmas spirit — but make reservations if you haven’t, because we are nearly booked already.

Our feature this week is Italian Stuffed Chicken with a Pesto Cream Sauce. 

Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials will be $7 Holiday-Themed cocktails. And just like with Christmas gifts, you don’t get to pick what you get. You can hint at what you like and I’ll make you what I think will make you the happiest. But I promise to try really hard.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting is meant to pair with the four hands holiday piano that we’re doing. We figured what better way to celebrate the holidays than a sparkling wine tasting! It’ll feature one from America, one from Italy, one from Burgundy and an exceedingly good one from Champagne! I’ll send out the notes tomorrow, but please understand that we’re almost booked already with the piano thing so if you are coming to the tasting, please call and make a reservation.

Lastly, Bizzi’s Cellar is moving downstairs!  The Queen Bee is very happy that she will not be lugging wine boxes up and down stairs (after they are all moved downstairs, anyway).  We are offering all of our Cellar in-stock wines at 25% discount through this week for everyone (not just Wine Cellar Club Members), so stock up while you can.

We hope each of you has a healthy, relaxing holiday and we will be here in the New Year to help you make your New Year’s resolutions!
Love from Queen Bee and the Hive”