If All The Raindrops Were Lemon Drops And Gum Drops

Hello, everyone, on this rainy afternoon. Hope everyone is being safe.

Our Valentine’s Day dinners were both last week, and we will post pictures for everyone to see. Rob took a million, and I’m sure you will all be plenty tired of them by the time we send them all out.

First, a special message to everyone with regards to the wine club. Elaine is still recovering, so she’s moving the wine club tasting to Saturday, March 3rd (just a week later than it was supposed to be).

This week’s special will be Seafood Crepes, with shrimp and scallops tossed in a lemon-tomato crepe filling. All of that is topped with seared tilapia and a Cajun lemon butter sauce. It pairs fantastically with the Hilliard Bruce Pinot Noir.

Tuesday is our usual Tuesday Boozeday, with $7 House cocktails, glass of red and white, brie en croute, wings and fried cheese.

Wednesday, we’re celebrating spirits with $7 Gingerbread cocktails.

Thursday, the wine tasting will be the Valentine’s Day Wine Tasting. That way, people who didn’t get a chance to have what may have been our best wine tasting ever, will get a chance to drink it. If you can find the time to come in and have the tasting, I promise you it’s worth it. It’s fantastic.

So bundle up, be safe, and come in to join us for a drink!