Herb-Crusted Buffalo Ribeye and Theme-less Wine Tasting

Hello, everyone

Sorry that I’m late with the email, today, we’ve been pretty busy today and I also have a final tomorrow. So, sorry not sorry about both the late-ness and the lack of funny rambling that I usually do.

The special this week will be Herb-Crusted Buffalo Ribeye with Blended Mash, topped with Truffle Butter.

Wednesday’s Special Cocktails will be $7 Polar Bear Coffees, Espresso Corettos and Smoked Maple Coffees. All warm drinks for (hopefully) cold weather.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be a little different, because I’m trying to do a few things for request (if you ever have a request for a wine tasting, let me know. The only thing is, if you request it and I do it, you can’t bail on me). I’ll send you the specific tasting notes tomorrow, but I believe it’ll have a Chablis and an Oregon Pinot Noir. I’ll let you know the rest tomorrow.

Wish me luck on my final final.