Fall Night To Remember Dinner and Halloween

Hey, guys, this is going to be a very weird week, for a few reasons.

First, our Fall Night To Remember Wine Dinner is on Friday and Saturday of this week. We still have some spots open, so if you are interested in coming to either day, just give us a call and make a reservation. I am re-posting the Dinner Menu and the Wine Menu for everyone to look at. The wine is especially killer. I found an eclectic mix of stuff that will be awesome and varied. The Madeira is from 1996! It’s older than some of the people we have working here! Also, we will be closed on Halloween. We’ve been closed on Halloween for the last few years, because we’d like for our people to get to trick or treat with their families. One of the perks of being a family business.

There will be no special this week, because we need to spend the time prepping for the wine dinner.

And obviously there won’t be a wine tasting because we’re closed on Thursday. That and we’re doing a big wine tasting the following day, anyway.

I’m sure I’m missing some other stuff, but Mom is out of town until this weekend, so I don’t have her info on the wine club and all that. I know she’s doing a wine club tasting soon, but I’ll have to keep you posted.

So, to reiterate, our Fall Night To Remember Wine Dinner will be on Friday and Saturday, and we still have spots open for both nights. And we will be closed on Halloween, because we want to scare the bejesus out of kids and that’s the only time of the year where that’s acceptable to do it.

I hope to see you this week.