Encrusted Red Snapper and Rhone Valley Wine Tasting

Hey guys,

It’s spring break! Woo. Granted, I’ll be spending it at work, but that’s still better than spending time at work AND school. But it also means that if I wanna celebrate, I have to do it here. Which, admittedly, isn’t much of a celebration…it’s just work. Well, whatever, far be it from me to complain (Veronika would disagree with that). Onward and upward.

The special for this week will be (we’re really trying to help people out with Lent, obviously) garlic encrusted red snapper topped with a lemon and white wine reduction and served with risotto and heirloom carrots. I’m not a huge fan of fish, but I’ve actually had each special we’ve had in the last few weeks and they’ve all been damn good. Take that for what you will.

Thursday’s wine tasting will be Rhone Valley wines (1 rose and 3 reds). V and I were drinking a bottle of cotes du rhone this weekend and it just really hit the spot, so I figured I had to do that for the tasting. If only to get another excuse to drink a bottle of Rhone wine. I’ll send out the notes tomorrow, but we should have 1 rose, 1 cotes du rhone village, 1 mourvedre blend and one really nice chateauneuf du pape. Thursday at 7:00pm.

Mom’s out of town so she doesn’t have anything to say, as far as I know.

See you, soon.