Easter Liquor Hunt

Hope everyone had a happy Easter! I know sometimes there are a lot of kids around on holidays, Easter, especially. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Family is great, even when they’re not. But, hot damn, there’s something thoroughly satisfying about having an adult Easter. We got together and ate and played board games, it was a blast. But the true highlight of the night had to be our Easter Egg Hunt. Although, what made it “adult” was the fact that instead of painting and hiding eggs, we had about 60 travel bottles of liquor, and we hid those. Good stuff, too! Patron and Makers Mark and other top shelf stuff like that. Then we let the adults loose in the yard. They did pretty well, too. They found all but 4 of the bottles. So next time we have people over, some of them are liable to find a nice surprise!

Anyone else have any good Easter stories to share?

The special for the week will be New York Strip Teriyaki with Tempura Onions and Rice.

Tuesday is a great day for Boozeday, as usual. $7 Glass of Red or White, House Cocktails, Wings, Brie en Croute and Fried Cheese.

Wednesday’s Celebrating Spirits will be based around Dark Rum. We’ll be doing specials on Dark and Stormy’s, Roosevelt’s and Old School Daquiri’s. Or, if you have any better ideas, feel free to let me know.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be All Red Blends! Now, that may sound boring, at first, but we’ll do Red Blends from different areas, so, like usual, everyone can get an idea of what grapes and styles taste like from different areas. It’ll be educational and intoxicating!

Mike & The Hive