Donations for Tarrant Area Food Bank

Our hearts are heavy knowing how many are impacted by Hurricane Harvey, with friends, families, kids & grandkids losing homes, cars and jobs. We’ve already seen Texans banding together to help out other Texans, and it’s been incredibly uplifting to see people doing whatever they can to make a tough situation a little better for all involved. With that in mind, we’d like to ask for your help.

We are collecting items to take to the Tarrant Area Food Bank, where the Polar Bear works. The TAFB is heavily involved in getting aid to our South Texas residents, and we will collect and deliver any donations made.

While they are happy with any donation, there are some items that they are in dire need of: toiletries, easy to cook and eat foods (canned goods, canned meat, dried meat, peanut butter, etc.), baby wipes, diapers and hygiene products.

Bring in items for us to add to our donations to the food bank, and we will give you a treat. Do something sweet for other people, get something sweet to eat, in return.