Deja Vu All Over Again

Hello, everyone.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we finally got around to posting the menus for both the Fall Night To Remember Wine Dinner and the Prohibition Murder Mystery Dinner. I know I said they’d be out a while ago, but why would you ever trust anything I say? I’m sure there’s a few questions with regards to both events, so please feel free to message us and ask. It’s been busy the last few weeks, but we have a small break, now, where we have time to answer. If you ask a question, someone here will (eventually) get you an answer to it. Obviously, the Mystery Dinner is going to be much more interactive and much more group-based, whereas the Fall Night To Remember Dinner is a much more personal fine-dining dinner. Both are perfect places for a date night, just for wildly different reasons. You’ll get brownie points for both. Also, don’t forget that there will be rewards to the top 3 detectives for the Mystery Dinner. Everyone likes swag.

Rob made my life just a little bit easier by repeating last week’s special. To be honest, I don’t blame him. People went nuts over it. It’s the first time in months that we’ve fully run out of a special before Saturday even came around. So, Filet topped with Crab Legs and Shrimp, with a Cream Butter sauce it is! You guys know me, and how I’m not a huge fan of repeating things, so the fact that I’m cool with this speaks volumes. Also doesn’t hurt that Rob is much bigger than me, so I’m not inclined to fight him on it.

Tuesday Boozeday is tonight, with $7 Glass of Red and White, House Cocktails, Wings and Burrata.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials will be Ward 8’s, Bee’s Knees and Monkey Glands, all for $7. As you may have noticed, these are all prohibition or pre-prohibition era cocktails. I’m hoping to see what people think of them, to get a better idea of what to put on the Mystery Cocktail Menu.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting is gonna be fun. I asked V and she’s on board, as well, so we’re going kooky! It’s going to be an all-sparkling wine tasting! 4 different sparkling wines, from Brut’s to Prosecco’s to Cava’s, we’ll represent! Woot! Get hyped! At the very least, Veronika and Mom will be very drunk.

That’s it, folks!