Closed Saturday

Just a reminder that we will be closed tomorrow, Saturday November 8th, for a family friend’s wedding and also MINE AND VERONIKA’S 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY! So if you were planning on coming into Bizzi’s this weekend, you should really try to come in tonight. If you try to come in on Saturday, I feel like it’d be a somewhat disappointing meal, given that there will be no food or wine available for it.

I know our hours have been weird the last few weeks because of Halloween and our Fall Dinner and now this, but we’ll get back to normal next week. The Holidays are a weird time, and V and I’s anniversary definitely counts as a holiday. I’ve been petitioning the government to declare it federally, so that we can all get off of work for it, but I haven’t had success yet. I’ll keep you posted.

See you guys, tonight!

(P.S. Go Mavs!)