Chicken-Fried Quail and South African Wines

Hey, everyone!

Hope all is well for you. We have a fun week in store for you. We have a quirky special and a quirky wine tasting. Before I get into all of that, I do want to give people a heads-up that after I do inventory this weekend, I’m going to run a short-lived bottle special starting (hopefully) next week. Basically, everything I only have single bottles of (and there is a ton) I’ll offer at a reduced cost, just to move it out the door. After tastings and events and just random situations, I end up with a bunch of leftover wine that’s not going on the list, but it’s way too much to handsell to people, so this is the best idea I could think of. I’ll make a list and send it out and then as things come off, I’ll post an updated version. Ideally, I’ll just send out the updated list in a quick message, daily. But, again, we’ll play it by ear.

The special this week is Buttermilk-Fried Quail with Jalapeño Gravy. If you’ve ever had the fried angus or the fried pork, here, you’ll know how good they are. So we figured it’d be interesting to just start frying everything within reach. Quail was one of those things, and so we offer it all week.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Tasting will feature Pear Mojitos, Salty Birds (tastes better than it sounds) and Spicy Palomas. The whole thing has a beach vibe. At least you can pretend that you’re on vacation.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting is gonna be a weird one, but a good one. I’ve wanted to do South African wines for a while, but 1. I wasn’t sure people would be interested. After last week’s Champagne tasting, I’m less concerned about that. And 2. I couldn’t find the right wines to do on the tasting. Well, I think I’ve found them. I’ll send out the specifics and the tasting notes tomorrow. But it should be strange, fun and good.

As far as I know, I don’t have any other information to provide you, which is good because this message is getting really long. I know that we’re planning other events and things, but I don’t have any hard details on that so it’ll have to wait.

See you, soon.