Cajun Chicken Breast


I feel weird writing this email, as I don’t really have anything to say. I did the huge info dump last week, with the menus for the special dinners and all that jazz. I’ll keep it short, I suppose. Plus, V is braiding my hair so I really have very important things going on.

The special for the week will be Cajun Blackened Chicken Breast with a Lemon Butter Sauce.

Tuesday Boozeday is tonight with $7 Red and White glasses, House Cocktails, Buratta and Wings.

Wednesday Cocktail Specials will be 3 different Prohibition and Pre-Prohibition Era cocktails for $7. It’s another chance to test drinks for the 15th of September.

Thursday Wine Tasting will be an oldy but a goody. All Cabernet Sauvignon. Just keeping it simple.

That’s it. See you tonight.