April Showers Bring May Herbs

This is the kind of person everybody hates: perky, cheerful & chatty in the morning, ready to go outside and plant stuff. That’s what The Polar Bear says, anyway. In any case, that is me in the spring (don’t even tell me that your heart goes out to The Polar Bear). I’ve been working tirelessly in the garden at home and now we’ve even planted an herb/veg garden outside Bizzi’s! That’s how enthusiastic I am when we’re in Daylight Savings Time (it’s the light — moving to Canada would be a real mistake). Come regular Central Standard Time, it’s back to being sludgy.

Anyway…we have Fried Calamari this week as an appetizer while it lasts, and then this weekend we will be serving up Seared Lamb Chops with Chimichurri over Garlic Mashers & Seasonal Veg.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we have a Mini-Martini Flight with a Mango-Lime, Serrano-Cucumber (with Light Lemon), and Appletini. Killah. Friday & Saturday our Wine Flight includes All Cabs — perfect with Lamb.

Happy Spring, everyone!

Queen Bee & The Hive