Anniversary Wine Descriptions

After three years of being Queen Bee, I’m still learning, but in the beginning I was knocked about relentlessly (and daily) by my own mistakes.

The second week we were open, I made a lovely (and large) batch of foccacia bread. Forgot the olive oil. Looked good, but was potential anchor material, not to mention hard on the teeth. Then for our first big dinner event, I baked a spectacular Cheesecake (and then actually served a couple of slices) before it was discovered that I left out the sugar. So my lesson: taste everything (not good for my hips, but definitely good for you customers)!

So our three-year anniversary is this Saturday, June 7th, and we have tasted every single dish and wine that we’ll be serving. The food is great as always (at least since we started tasting every single batch of everything) and the wines are stunning! Keep reading for a short description of wines to go along with the dinner menu. Make your reservations!

Thanks to you who have put up with my many boo-boos!

Queen Bee & The Hive

Wines for 3-Year Anniversary Dinner – June 7, 2014

Left Coast White Pinot Noir (2012) – Willamette Valley, OR
Left Coast Cellars, an award-winning estate winery in Willamette Valley, Oregon, is one of our staff favorites. This particular wine is a very pale pink with a fresh white flower and stone fruit nose. The taste opens with richness and balanced acidity – peach, poached pear, Rainier cherry, and has a long mineral finish. Left Coast Cellars has only made this particular varietal for a few years, and we thank them!

Costa de Oro Chardonnay (2011) – Santa Barbara, CA
This wine carries apple, lemon, wood toast, and caramel on the nose followed by pear and dried pineapple on the palate, with a nice balance of lemon and vanilla cream on the mid-palate and finish. Has a nice texture and refreshing acidity – and won the Gold Medal at the San Francisco Wine Competition.

Amity Vineyards Gamay Noir (2011) Willamette Valley, OR
This Gamay Noir is from Amity Vineyards, another award-winning winery here from Willamette Valley that was recently sold to Union Wine Company when the owner decided it was time to retire. With qualities similar to Pinots, Gamay has its own unique personality. This wine is light-bodied but lush, full of fresh fruit, and laced with notes of herbs and spices. Its focused acid and pleasant texture make it a perfect choice with either of our Bizzi’s salads!

B Wise “Trios” Proprietary Red Blend (2008) – Sonoma, CA
This very elegant red blend is composed of 71% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Syrah, 9% Merlot, and 5% Petit Verdot. A lovely and big red with layers or wild berry, cherry, and red plum accented by violet, cedar, cacao, and star anise. The winery is located high above Sonoma Valley on Moon Mountain, and the winemaker, Brion Wise (B Wise) has quietly been making his mark on the wine world with winning Bordeaux-style blends. This one is even revered by The Polar Bear.

Graham Beck “Bliss” Demi-Sec (NV) – South Africa
A perfect end to our wine dinner – this delectable bubbly is light with lemon curd, peach, and yeast aromas with crispness, effervescence, and hints of butterscotch, honey, and praline. It is a blend of 54% Chardonnay and 46% Pinot Noir, and will knock your socks off.