3 Year Anniversary

Music is primal.  We had our Tarrant Community Choir concert last week, and it was simply magical (in part because our illustrious choir directors did not make me lip sync).  Music can get almost all of us to tap our toes and wiggle to the beat — that’s powerful.  As for me, I’m still humming our concert tunes in my quavery slightly off-key alto voice.  Torture for the kitchen crew at Bizzi’s.

Since this is rather late in the week, our Mini-Martini Flight will be offered tonight (Thursday) and next Tuesday through Thursday:  Mint-Lemonade, Mango-Lime, and Chocolate-Orange.  Citrusy indeed.  The Wine Flight this weekend is:  10 Span Chardonnay, Block Nine Pinot Noir, and Portillo Malbec.  Nice.

Our food feature is the epitome of spring:  House-made Pasta with Chicken, Artichokes, & Spinach and Topped with our Roasted Tomato Sauce.  It is lovely, and will run all this week.

As promised, I’ve attached our 3rd Anniversary Wine Dinner Menu(click here to see it!).  We’re still making final decisions on the wine selection, but so far, it is fabulous (and will be posted when complete).

Here’s to the healing power of music and to the rain falling on our dry land today!

Queen Bee & The Hive


Queen Bee & The Hive