Welcome Back

Holy cow! It looks like Veronika and I brought Seattle back with us! It was short and sweet, but that was a crazy storm. Anyway, we’re back from break. Did y’all miss us? I certainly hope so. I know it’s inconvenient for everyone when we close for a week, but we need that break, to be honest. Running a small restaurant can be grueling work, and we need a reset, sometimes. We miss it when we’re gone, but it’s for the best. Everyone gets cranky when they’ve gone too long without a break, and we’re crankier than most to begin with. We’re glad to be back, though, and we have switched over to our summer menu. If you’d like to view it, go to our facebook or www.bizzis.net. Rob and Elaine outdid themselves, from what I’ve tasted so far. Let us know what you think.

Because of the new menu, there will be no special, this week. The whole menu is the special.

Tuesday Boozeday is back, but we’ve changed it a little. The wine and alcohol will remain the same, for now, but the appetizer specials will be wings and burrata, for the summer.

Wednesday cocktail specials will all feature bourbon, for no particular reason other than the fact that I like drinking it.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be all Washington wines to commemorate our vacation. If only we could bring the weather with us, for real.

See you soon!

– Mike & The Hive #bizzisbistro #wellrested #wereback