Short, sweet, to the point

Hello, everyone!

I’m going to be short/to the point, today, because we’ve been busy and need to take every available second leftover to get our customary drinking in. If I take 4 hours to write this message, those are 4 hours I could be “studying for the Sommelier test” or “Quality testing new wine”. Gotta have your priorities in order, wouldn’t you agree?

Tuesday Boozeday is in effect, with $7 Glass of Red and White wine, House cocktails, Wings, Brie en Croute, Fried Cheese.

Wednesday, we’ll be celebrating spirits with Pineapple Vodka drinks. We’ll have a spicy one, a sweet one, and a creamy/desserty one.

Thursday is Wine Tasting Day! Everyone’s favorite day of the week. This time, we will be wrapping up our month-long lesson on what goes into a red blend, by actually tasting red blends. You’ve gotten to taste all the grapes individually, now taste how they work together. Red Blend Tasting starts at 7:00pm.

Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching, and spots are starting to fill up. If you want to come to either dinner (the 14th or the 17th), I would call this week and make a reservation.  This is Rob’s first Valentine’s Dinner and he has created what may be the best Valentine’s Menu we’ve ever done. You can take a look at the menu, yourself, by clicking on the “menu” tab on the left side of this page. Call 817-281-9500 for reservations.


See you soon,

V & The Hive