Summer Fling

Nothing like having our employees asking off for Prom and High School Graduation to make us feel old! I won’t even mention that my youngest child graduated from high school 8 years ago (my oldest graduated 18 years ago). Sigh. Life comes at you fast, huh?

This week, we are taking advantage of the beautiful weather! We have for you the following yumminess (yes, it’s a word):

Mini-martinis: Strawberry-Balsamic, Parsley Collins, and Mango Cosmo
Wine Flight: Zolo Red Blend (Argentina), Cepasantiguas Tempranillo (Spain), and Portillo Malbec (Argentina). All red, all delicious.

And this weekend, Crawfish Etoufee! We also have some other features while they last — Beet, Walnut, & Goat Cheese Salad and Flatbread with Parmesan, Chicken, Tomato, and Cream Sauce.

And take your Vitamin D.

Queen Bee & The Hive

April Showers Bring May Herbs

This is the kind of person everybody hates: perky, cheerful & chatty in the morning, ready to go outside and plant stuff. That’s what The Polar Bear says, anyway. In any case, that is me in the spring (don’t even tell me that your heart goes out to The Polar Bear). I’ve been working tirelessly in the garden at home and now we’ve even planted an herb/veg garden outside Bizzi’s! That’s how enthusiastic I am when we’re in Daylight Savings Time (it’s the light — moving to Canada would be a real mistake). Come regular Central Standard Time, it’s back to being sludgy.

Anyway…we have Fried Calamari this week as an appetizer while it lasts, and then this weekend we will be serving up Seared Lamb Chops with Chimichurri over Garlic Mashers & Seasonal Veg.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we have a Mini-Martini Flight with a Mango-Lime, Serrano-Cucumber (with Light Lemon), and Appletini. Killah. Friday & Saturday our Wine Flight includes All Cabs — perfect with Lamb.

Happy Spring, everyone!

Queen Bee & The Hive


We listen (well, not The Polar Bear). Yep, this weekend we are featuring Cioppino — our delicious assortment of seafood in a stew of fresh tomatoes in wine sauce. Not just good, but good for you — your mama will approve. We also have three Martini Tasting choices for Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, Gin Citrus Rosemary, and Serrano-Bloody Mary, and a St. Francis Winery Tasting on Friday & Saturday (three varietals).

Be here or be square!

Queen Bee & The Hive

Is Everybody Working For The Weekend?

This weekend, a wine flight which will go perfectly with our feature — Beef Bourguignon en Croute.  We’ll be serving it all weekend long (or as long as it lasts, anyway).  Also, we are pouring Colombard White Blend (Ugni Blanc) from France, Matchbook Tempranillo from Napa Valley, and Chateau Trocard Bordeaux from France on our Wine Flight.

Check out our new website:  We are slowly switching everything over to it — but it has our current menu and will also list special events or food/wine features.
Enjoying this warmer weather — we’re planting herbs galore!
Queen Bee & The Hive

Spring Has Sprung Early

Spring is my favorite season — more light, therefore more energy (although I’ve noticed that the change in seasons doesn’t really affect The Polar Bear’s sleep habits — still needs 22 hours to be truly refreshed).

With renewed energy, we are offering — every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday — a fun Martini Flight with three Mini-Martinis of your choice. We’ve got our usual great choices, with this week’s additions: Classic with an Orange Twist, Mango-Peach, and Serrano-Infused. And, yes, I did have to try them all (sad face here). Friday and Saturday, we will be offering Wine Flights again — this week we have Steele Shooting Star Blaufrankish, Rust Ridge Zinfandel, and Michael Pozzan Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Mmmmm.

This weekend, we’re featuring Mushroom-Tallegio Cheese Risotto Topped with a Salmon Filet and Rosemary-Infused Drizzle. Wow!

Lastly, we are now featuring Buon Giorno Coffee — roasted and ground locally. It is superb.

Have a great week — and come see us!

Queen Bee & The Hive

Welcome To Bizzis New American Restaurant

Let’s just be upfront: we are not a snobby wine bar. If you know your wines, we have a fabulous selection of over 80 wines covering lots of varietals. If you don’t know wine, we’ll help you find something you like. We’ve tried hundreds of wines (yes, someone had to do it) to make our selections, and are adjusting the mix all the time.

Visit Bizzi’s for a hard-to-find glass of wine, a few ounces of artisan cheese served with grapes, bread, and olives, or order something else off our menu (Click here to go directly to it).

Our menu changes weekly to accommodate foods that are in season or look particularly good as we peruse the market on Monday mornings. Ours is a legitimate from-scratch kitchen, so we spend lots of our time cutting our own meats, baking bread, rolls, and desserts, as well as making our salad dressings, pastas, and sauces. Our chef won’t let us take shortcuts- not that we would!

Our casual bistro atmosphere will make your visit, whether with friends or by yourself, a relaxing & fun experience. Come as you are and make yourself comfortable!


Hours of Operation

Lunch service until 4pm daily.

T-F   11:30am-9pm
Sa     5pm-9pm
Closed Sunday & Monday