Coconut Shrimp

Who would think that at my advanced age, I can still learn something? Well, I now know that after five cruises in five months, it’s time to take a little breather, so here I am with feet firmly planted in Bedford, Texas.

We also have released the new Spring Menu.

In other news, we have a Coravin! For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a contraption that allows us to pour wines without opening the bottles, and thereby lets you try wines by the glass that otherwise you couldn’t without buying a bottle. So…every week we’ll be offering some terrific and interesting wines by the glass as well as our usual nice selection of wines.

Tuesday & Wednesday evening we are pouring a glass of red or white wine or a well martini for $7 just like always.

And this weekend (Friday & Saturday evenings), we are celebrating Spring-For-Sure-Now featuring Coconut Shrimp Topped with Tangy Honey-Chili Glaze alongside Herbed Rice Pilaf and Seasonal Veg.

Hope to see you this week!

Queen Bee & The Hive

Crab-Stuffed Salmon

Tuesday & Wednesday evenings — a glass of red or white wine (or a well martini) for $7. Don’t miss Jan Ryberg, who will be playing his guitar melodies for us on Wednesday evening!

For the weekend (Friday & Saturday nights), we will be featuring Crab-Stuffed Salmon with Sauteed Spinach & Lemon Buerre Blanc. Lip-smacking good!

As my grandson said when he was learning to read, “Keep Clam and Carry On”.

Queen Bee & The Hive


Daffodils are blooming all over my yard! I can only conclude that spring surely must be around the corner.

This weekend, we’re featuring Beer-Braised Beef Short Ribs with Mashed Butternut Squash & Potatoes. Still needing comfort food until it warms up a bit!

Also, a glass of red or white wine (or a well martini) for $7 Tuesday & Wednesday nights!

Lastly, Michael has gotten a bevy of new wines in, and they are unspeakably delicious.

Have a great week, everyone!

Queen Bee & The Hive

Winter, To Be Continued

We sure picked a good week to be closed…What awful weather — ice, slipping & sliding, cold, and cabin fever!

Sure cure for cabin fever:  This weekend we’re featuring Southern Shrimp & Andouille Sausage with Grits.  Also, a glass of House Red or White Wine for $7 on Tuesday and Wednesday nights (or a Well Martini).
Guess we’ll have to keep our winter clothes out a little longer.  I hate that!
Queen Bee & The Hive

Duck Pot Pie

First off, we were featured in a Channel 21 feature as a top-5 place to take a date on Valentine’s Day(in DFW)!

I think we deserved spots 1-5, but I’m biased.

We are very appreciative of the hard work that Kendall Stephenson(and Yelp) put in, and very thankful to even be considered, much less to given a top-5 recommendation.

We’re also thankful that all of our you continue to come in, and allow us to take part in the special moments in your lives. Thank you, from all of us.

Whew!  Last week was cwazy (but ever so much fun)!

For this weekend, we’re featuring our amazing chef’s Duck Breast Pot Pie.  It is spectacularly delicious.  Also, we are, as usual, offering a glass of house red or white wine (or a well martini) for $7 on Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

Note:  Next week (February 24-28) Bizzi’s is closed.  A few of us are taking our annual Bizzi’s cruise and the rest of us will be busy with a few maintenance and upkeep tasks around the place… (thank goodness I’m in the first bunch).  So get your Bizzi’s Buzz on this week!

Have a great week as we wait for Spring and the time change!

Queen Bee & The Hive

Valentine’s Week

First off, we are nearly full for our Valentine’s Weekend Six-Course Dinner — and remember that we are reservations-only for both Friday & Saturday nights! Call if you want to make a reservations – 817-281-9500. Menu is on-line at or on our Facebook page.

Secondly, a nice glass of white or red wine is $7 (as is a well martini) on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings! We change them up — good values and good tastings!

Lastly, we are CLOSED for lunch on Friday — we will be cooking up a storm for the Valentine’s extravaganza.

Have a wonderful week, all — I see spring things already abloom!

Queen Bee & The Hive

Beef Roulade

Hope you’re all getting over the winter crud that has plagued us at our house!

This weekend (January 30th & 31st) we’re featuring a Beef Tenderloin Roulade Stuffed with Asparagus, Mushrooms, & Provolone, Topped with Au Jus, and Served over Garlic Mashers. It’s a Wow-er. And for the wine-lover in you, we have added a number of top-quality wines to our wine list in the past couple of weeks. On Tuesday & Wednesday evenings, we have a glass of white or red (or a well martini) for $7 — take advantage of a chance to try something new!

Our Valentine’s Weekend Menu is on our website ( and also on Facebook. It will be reservation-only, six courses, $60 per person — call us at 817-281-9500 to get your table booked for Friday or Saturday evening (February 13/14). You don’t have to have a sweetie to come in!

Have a great week.

Queen Bee & The Hive

So Much To Say, So Little Time (Valentine’s Menu)

News of note:

1) Tuesday & Wednesday — get a nice glass of house red or white (or a well martini) for $7!

2) This weekend (Friday/Saturday, January 23 & 24), we are featuring House-Cut Redfish Blackened and Topped with a Spicy (not too) Tomato-Crawfish Sauce over Pepper Basmati & Seasonals.

3) Valentine’s Dinner — now being offered Friday & Saturday, February 13th & 14th, reservation only, $60 per person. See the menu here — and if you have special dietary needs or desires, call — our chef may be able to accommodate them (she is masterful at doing just that, among other things). Jan Ryberg will be playing his classical guitar for us both nights!

Feet warm again. Ahhhh.

Queen Bee & The Hive

Pork Medallions

My feet have been cold for two weeks. That makes me exceedingly fussy.

In any case, we are featuring a nice glass of house red or white … or a well martini … for $7 on Wednesdays, so come on in and warm your feet up with us!

This weekend (Friday and Saturday, January 16/17), for dinner we’ll be serving mouthwatering fare: Seared Pork Tenderloin Medallions Topped with Red Wine Barbecue Sauce over Rustic Yukon Mashers & Seasonal Vegetables.

We’ve also added six new wines to our by the glass menu.

And it’s not too early to think about our Valentine’s Day dinners, Friday and Saturday, February 13th and 14th. We’re offering a five-course dinner. Details to follow — we’re trying all kinds of things in the kitchen this week (oh, New Year’s Resolutions, you disappeared so quickly).

Have a terrific week!

Queen Bee & The Hive

We’ll warm you up!

Jan Ryberg serenades us the evening of Wednesday, January 7th — don’t miss him!

We’ll be featuring the ultimate in comfort food this week: Crispy Pork Belly over Light Slaw and White Bean Puree topped with Red Pepper & Honey Sauce. I’ve already eaten it twice in the last two days (yep, there’s definitely an advantage to getting to taste everything…perhaps a slight disadvantage to my waistline, though). Unctuous!

And the days are getting longer!

Queen Bee & The Hive