Tonight’s Syrah Tasting

Hello, everyone.

Sorry to bug you guys, again, but I just wanted to send out a quick reminder that we’re doing a Syrah tasting tonight at 7:00pm. I have attached the tasting notes to this message, and as you can see, I have also embraced my inner tackiness by including the professional scores each wine received from reviewers. I do not believe that you should only drink a wine if it receives a good score, and I don’t believe that wines that don’t receive good scores aren’t worthy of drinking (and vice-versa, actually). That said, these wines all scored ridiculously highly and they also happen to be tasty as hell. So, you know, win-win. Let us come together, with the express purpose of getting a little snookered.

See you, tonight!

Salmon en Croute and Wine Tasting and November Dinner

Hey, guys!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Although, if you’re anything like me, it felt incredibly short. I absolutely just lounged for 2 straight days and did nothing (Veronika is such a bad influence). And somehow that actually felt like a shorter weekend than the ones where I’m running around all over the place. That being said, I actually have gotten some stuff done today, at work. As a result, I present to you the 2019 Fall Night To Remember Dinner Menu! I have attached it to this message, along with information on days/dates. We’ve already had some people make reservations for it, but I’m officially opening up reservations for both days. Give us a call and we’ll mark you down. Also, I’ll put together the wine pairing for the dinner shortly.

The special this week will be Salmon en Croute with a Garlic Butter!

Wednesday’s Cocktail Tasting will be Watermelon Tequila Spritzers, Grapparitas and Cassis Lemonade. I find that because it’s still ridiculously hot outside, that I am still using copious amounts of lemon. I really can’t wait for the Fall, so I can move on to spices and darker liquors.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be 4 Syrah from 4 parts in the world. We are doing an Australian Shiraz, a Washington Syrah, a California Syrah and a Crozes-Hermitage from France. I will send out the tasting notes tomorrow, when the wine is delivered. I just don’t wanna get ahead of myself and tell you guys that we’re tasting something that I won’t have. Just be patient for one more day.

As far as I know, that’s all the information I have. Maybe literally.

Bordeaux Tasting Tonight

I’m really sorry for not putting out the tasting notes, yesterday, like I usually do. It’s just been a crazy week. I’m still working on our Fall Night To Remember Dinner Menu and also the wine pairing to go with it. But, after much delaying, here are the tasting notes for tonight’s 7:00pm Bordeaux Tasting. As you’ll notice, besides the usual/delicious red Bordeaux, we’re also going to taste a 2011 Sauternes that is really excellent. So kind of a cool little finish. A little panache!

Gnocchi and Bordeaux Tasting

Sorry that I’m a little late, guys.

I have two exams this week, so I don’t have time for pleasantries. I have a copy of the Fall Night To Remember Dinner Menu, but I won’t send it out until tomorrow, when I get a little more time.

This week’s special will be Gnocchi with Chicken and Shrimp, grilled onions, peppers, artichokes tossed in a lemon basil butter.

Wednesday’s cocktail specials will be Dealer’s Choice. I’ll make a snap judgement about you and then make you a drink that I think fits your personality. Or just a good drink. Either way.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be all Bordeaux. It’s a stressful week and I wanted wine that comforts me. It’s damn good, but also treats me right. It’s the me of wines.

I’ll have more information tomorrow.

Tonight’s Napa Valley Wine Tasting

Hey, guys.

I know I already sent out the tasting notes for tonight’s wine tasting (starts at 7:00pm.) but I figured I’d send them out again as a reminder as well as a picture of the wines, themselves. Now, I know I had already hooked you guys with the tasting notes, but I’ll be damned if random pictures of wine bottles don’t get people all jazzed up to do some wine tasting. I think it’s because when people see the labels, they can instantly discern whether the wine is going to be good or not. That’s why packaging is so important. Who cares about the wine inside, as long as the bottles look good. That’s my motto for my entire life, and it’s not steered me wrong, yet. Except for all the times it has….

See you, tonight!

Napa Valley Wine Tasting Notes and Wednesday Cocktail Tasting

So, firstly, I have attached the Napa Valley wine tasting notes for tomorrow’s wine tasting at 7:00pm. It turned out pretty killer. It’s not what I normally enjoy, stylistically, but the wines ended up being great. I even have a few famous wines in there. I especially wanted to do Chateau Montelena because of the movie Bottle Shock. Mom absolutely loves that movie and has been telling everyone about it, so I figured we’d get together and taste the wine that caused the entire movie to exist in the first place.

Also, tonight’s cocktail tasting will feature a Limoncello Collins, a Rhuby Daquiri and a Cucumber Margarita. The Limoncello Collins, especially, looks weird. But I love limoncello, so I’m gonna guess that it’s good.

Red Snapper and Napa Wines

Hello ladies and gentlemen

It’s your favorite exhausted bartender and as always, I’m feeling…exhausted. Anyway, we’re starting to prep for the coming Fall season, so we’re discussing the menu for the wine dinner in early November and an 80’s-themed murder mystery dinner, as well as a few other things. I’ll keep you guys posted, but we always like to do more events in the Fall/Winter, mostly because people will actually come to them, then! Just giving you a pre-heads up.

The special for this week is blackened & seared red snapper topped with jumbo shrimp and served with a lemon butter. Oh, snap!

Wednesday’s cocktail specials will be a Limoncello Collins, a Rhuby Daquiri and a Cucumber Margarita.

Thursday’s wine tasting may interest some you. We’re doing all Napa Valley wines. And I’m breaking habit a bit and doing a few wines with some name recognition, as well. I guess you could say that I’m selling out. 13 year-old me would be very disappointed. Either way, we’re doing (I believe) a chardonnay, a merlot, a red blend and a cabernet sauvignon. And they’ll all be good.

I also attached a message from Elaine for all you Bizzi’s Wine Cellar Members. Be sure to give that a look if it applies to you. —->  Bizzi’s Cellar Update

See you, soon.

Wine Tasting Notes

Here are the tasting notes for Thursday’s South African wine tasting. Things turned out really well. I’m especially excited about the semillon. Honestly, though, this is going to be one of those tastings where everyone has a different favorite wine. I’m curious to hear what people think. Usually I have a pretty good idea of what is going to be received well, and what is more for wine geeks. This one, I’m completely in the dark.

Also, the cocktail tasting for tonight will feature Pear Mojitos, Salty Birds and Spicy Palomas. Come get out of the heat.

Chicken-Fried Quail and South African Wines

Hey, everyone!

Hope all is well for you. We have a fun week in store for you. We have a quirky special and a quirky wine tasting. Before I get into all of that, I do want to give people a heads-up that after I do inventory this weekend, I’m going to run a short-lived bottle special starting (hopefully) next week. Basically, everything I only have single bottles of (and there is a ton) I’ll offer at a reduced cost, just to move it out the door. After tastings and events and just random situations, I end up with a bunch of leftover wine that’s not going on the list, but it’s way too much to handsell to people, so this is the best idea I could think of. I’ll make a list and send it out and then as things come off, I’ll post an updated version. Ideally, I’ll just send out the updated list in a quick message, daily. But, again, we’ll play it by ear.

The special this week is Buttermilk-Fried Quail with Jalapeño Gravy. If you’ve ever had the fried angus or the fried pork, here, you’ll know how good they are. So we figured it’d be interesting to just start frying everything within reach. Quail was one of those things, and so we offer it all week.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Tasting will feature Pear Mojitos, Salty Birds (tastes better than it sounds) and Spicy Palomas. The whole thing has a beach vibe. At least you can pretend that you’re on vacation.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting is gonna be a weird one, but a good one. I’ve wanted to do South African wines for a while, but 1. I wasn’t sure people would be interested. After last week’s Champagne tasting, I’m less concerned about that. And 2. I couldn’t find the right wines to do on the tasting. Well, I think I’ve found them. I’ll send out the specifics and the tasting notes tomorrow. But it should be strange, fun and good.

As far as I know, I don’t have any other information to provide you, which is good because this message is getting really long. I know that we’re planning other events and things, but I don’t have any hard details on that so it’ll have to wait.

See you, soon.

Champagne Tasting on Thursday

V and I switched days, so I actually have time to do the tasting notes for Thursday’s wine tastings the day before. As a result, I can send the notes out for everyone the day before. I’m not sure if it makes a difference for anyone, but I thought it sounded like a good idea. Anyway, included are the tasting notes and a picture of the wines themselves. I’m excited. We’ve never done a Champagne tasting, as far as I can remember. They’re all true Champagnes and they’re all good. If this goes well, I can do another one with some weirder Champagne, to appeal to the geeky wine people. But we’ll take it one step at a time, and hope that people turn out for this one. Thursday at 7:00pm.

Also, the cocktail tasting tonight will be a Sunshine, a Rosita and a Blueberry Mojito. Just throwing that out there.