A Friendly Reminder

Please, please, don’t forget that we are closed for a private event on Saturday May 18th (that’s tomorrow). I know I’m a broken record, but I just want to make sure that everyone knows. I don’t like upsetting people, despite what my personality would lead you to believe.

So, if you were planning on coming in to Bizzi’s this weekend, you should come today. You can come try one of the new cocktails (I’ve been told they’re amazing, not to brag) or some of the new wines by the glass, or some of our new scotches. I could go on. Point being, come have dinner with us tonight. I’ll be here, which is reason enough for most people. Just saying.

Bordeaux Tasting Tonight

I’m doing an awesome wine tasting tonight. I’m getting hyped up! Here’s a look at the tasting notes and the bottles. We’re getting a little fancy pants, tonight, so if you want to try 4 really good Bordeaux from 4 different regions, you should be at Bizzi’s tonight. If it goes well, we’ll do more of these types of tastings. If it doesn’t then I guess I’ll just drink the wine myself.

Hope to see you, tonight.

Let’s Get Weird!

Hello, everyone!

We’re gonna be a little weird, this week, because we want to test out some new ideas. And because it’s just generally in our nature. So, pay attention to the following, because it may be interesting to you. (That’s the idea, anyway.)

First and foremost, we are closed for a private event on Saturday, May 18th. I’ll remind everyone a little closer to the day, but I just wanted to get it out of the way early. So, make sure to get your Bizzi’s fix a little earlier than Saturday.

Tonight, all night, we’re doing a martini tasting featuring The Parasol (floral and sparkling), Thyme Bee’s Knees (lemon-honey and refreshing), and Lust for Life (smoky, fruity and savory).

Wednesday, we’re doing something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but could never really work up the nerve to try it. Pick any bottle on our menu (assuming it has a cork and not a screw top) and you can get a half bottle of it for half price. So, if you are interested in trying a wine, but didn’t want to spring for a bottle, now you don’t have to. Come in and order half of it. As a bonus, odds are that I’ll end up with a bunch of half bottles that I’ll have to run on special eventually, too, so it’ll work out twice. So, come drink half a bottle for half the price on Wednesday.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be all Bordeaux. I know we did Bordeaux-style blends, last week. But who cares? I love Bordeaux and that is what we are doing! So, come get a taste of arguably the greatest wine region on the planet Earth. Also, the wines are going to be a little bit fancier, this week. I’m always pretty consistent on what I do, but doing the same thing over and over gets boring, so let’s spice it up! If people don’t like it, I’ll go back to doing what I always do. But maybe we can all get a taste of the high-life (not Miller).

This week’s special is Rosemary Lamb Loin with a Jalapeno Orange Marmalade! Rob finally took my advice and did a lamb special! It’s great by itself, but just imagine that with the Bordeaux tasting. Or with a half bottle of something particularly exquisite.

I hope this wasn’t too long and rambling, but you know, sorry not sorry.


Spring Cocktail Menu

Hello, guys!

Cool news! Bizzi’s has decided to do a seasonal cocktail menu! So instead of the same regular drinks, we’ll change our cocktail menu every time we change our food menu. In addition to that, I came up here and spent all day working on homemade mixers and ingredients. So, they’re a little more complex and fresh. Some of the new drinks will be: Watermelon Basil Smash, Pear & Ginger-Sage Sparkler, Lemon-Thyme Vodka Collins, etc. You get the idea. We felt like we had to step up our cocktail game.

Also, since we’re talking about stepping up our cocktail game, we have added some new scotches. People had asked me what 15-year scotches I carried, and I always had to tell them that we didn’t have any, but I’ve added some to our menu. Now, we will also carry Lagavulin 16, Aberlour 16 and Glenfidditch 15. Plus, I’m looking to add more once I find some that I like (suggestions are always welcome!). AND(!!!!), we finally got that really good amontillado sherry back in stock, so if you’re one of the people who were mad when we ran out, come get your fill of the best sherry I’ve ever had.

The special this week is Cajun Seafood Pasta.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be a continuation of last week’s theme, so we will do Bordeaux-style blends from around the world. We’re going to do 1 Bordeaux to start with, so everyone can get a taste of the original, then we’ll branch out and see what the world has had to offer those grapes. Who knows, maybe they’ve found a way to improve it (although probably not!).

Lastly, I am currently working on the wine tasting for the anniversary wine dinner, so if you’ll be so kind as to give me a little bit longer, I’ll get it sent out to everyone. I’m just trying to make sure it’s amazing.

Hope we see you this week to come try all the new stuff!

Rhone Style Tasting


Tonight’s wine tasting is all Rhone style wines, but from around the world. I’ve attached the tasting notes to this message. Just to say it again, because we’re doing similar blends/grapes but from different regions, it’s a great way to learn how different terroir effects wine. This is actually one of the things they had us do in Sommelier class. So, you know, just a heads-up.

Also, tonight’s Kentucky Bourbon drink will be a Bourbon Blueberry Lemonade.

Kentucky Derby Week

Hello, everyone!

It’s final’s week, so you’ll forgive me if this message is short and not exactly featuring a ton of effort on my part.

It’s also Kentucky Derby week, so we figured it’d be a good week to do some Kentucky Bourbon drinks. So, in light of that, we will feature a different Kentucky Bourbon-based cocktail on special every night. I will let everyone know each night what it is. Also, this weekend, we’ll go big with the Kentucky Derby celebration booze, so keep an eye out.

The special this week is Braised Rosemary Red Wine Roast Mirepoix. Perfect for rainy weather.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be Rhone Wines from around the world. I know that seems like an oxymoron, but I just mean that I’m going to do varietals famous for being used in Rhone wines, or even blends famous for being from the Rhone Valley, but from different countries. This is a great way to taste what different terroir will do to a grape. It’s a good way to further your wine education. Also, it’s going to be 5 wines, instead of 4, so WOOT!

The Bizzi’s Cellar Tasting will be at 3:00pm, instead of 4:00pm, this Saturday, the 4th.

Wish me luck on my finals. Maybe I’ll just leave town forever and skip them. Either way.

Anniversary Menu!

Obviously, I’m starting this a day late
But the reason should make up for it. We have finished our Anniversary Wine Dinner Menu and I am happy to share it with you! It will be a seven-course dinner with an optional wine pairing. This will take place on Saturday, June 8th starting at 5:00pm. It will be reservation only, so if you’re interested in coming, please give us a call. Now that the menu is out, I’ll start to put together the wine pairing to go with it. Just give me a week or so and I’ll send that out to everyone as well. Either way, get hyped!
This week’s special is Steak & Seafood Pasta with Crab, Shrimp, Tomatoes tossed in a Lemon Butter Cream Sauce. Given that we’re getting so much rain that we’re practically swimming, it’s probably a good idea to get a taste for seafood.
Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be all Italian Wines. Come in and have a tasting and also the special. Should be a fantastic pairing. Or just come have one if you love Italian wine (There’s gonna be a really weird one to start the tasting).
Lastly, the Bizzi’s Wine Cellar Tasting will be on Saturday, May 4th at 3:00pm.
See you, there.

Red Blend Tasting

Hey, guys. We closed early, last night, because of the storm….(sad trombone sound). Well, we can’t be right 100% of the time, even if we’re close. The wine tasting tonight is all Red Blends. I attached the tasting notes to this post, as well. Shockingly enough, the Chilean wine is probably the best one. It’s amazing. Hope we see you, tonight.

P.S. We have the Anniversary Wine Dinner Menu done, and now we’re just formatting it, and then I’ll send it out to everyone.