Washington Tasting

Tonight’s Wine Tasting will be all Washington Wines. We have a Viognier, a Barbera, and two Cabs, the second one being from Champoux Vineyard. Hope we see you, tonight. 

Spring Menu

Big week!
We’ve changed the menu to our Spring Menu (although it’s been Spring for a few weeks, in my mind) and I have posted it in the menu section for you to take a look at. As always, there’s some notable changes. In the end, there’s always a few things we put on there that we think everyone is going to go crazy over and we only end up half right. So just come in and eat it and enjoy what you enjoy.
Tuesday Boozeday is tonight with $7 Glass of House Red or White Wine, House Cocktails, Brie en Croute and Wings.
Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials will all be Murder-themed, because I feel like strangling someone right now.
Thursday’s Wine Tasting is Washington Wines. Columbia Valley and Walla Walla and Blends and Cabs and Syrahs, oh my. I haven’t picked them all, yet, but I will choose the last few, today. I’ve always been a fan of Washington Wines and they have an elegance to them that I really dig.
Bizzi’s Club Tasting is on Saturday April 6th at 4:00pm.
Lastly, I was wrong about the Whiskey Dinner, we didn’t completely fill up over the weekend, so if you want a spot give us a call. No idea how long it will still be open, but I’ll let you know when it’s completely booked.



I actually genuinely forgot to do the email, yesterday. We got so busy planning for the Whiskey Dinner and a few other events we’re doing that are coming up (so keep your eyes open) that we blew right through my prep time for the coming week. Now I know that we make this whole restaurant thing seem effortless, while also looking absolutely stunning doing it, but it’s hard work. So that’s just a long way of saying: “Sorry, not sorry.”

Just a heads-up for everyone, as well, the Whiskey Dinner (the menu is posted on our website and lower on this page) is filling up. I believe it will be booked up by the end of this weekend, although I am often wrong. For anyone that is interested in coming, I’d call sooner than later.

This week’s special is Mexican Cordon Bleu with Chorizo, Pepperjack and a Green Chili Cream Sauce

Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials will all feature Jalapeno Tequila

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be all Argentina Wines. I promised a couple of regulars, here, that I would do an Argentina Tasting a few months ago and I did, but they didn’t come in, so I’m going for round 2, here with the hopes that they see it. ARGENTINA TASTING THIS THURSDAY AT 7:00 FEATURING MALBEC, CHARDONNAY, CABERNET FRANC AND CABERNET SAUVIGNON! BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!

See y’all this week!

Pinot Noir Tasting

Don’t forget that tonight’s wine tasting (at 7:00pm) will be all Pinot Noir.

Pinot is still, even after all these years, my favorite grape. I figured it’d be a nice chance to share why I love it so much. I know we usually do region or country, but I try to never miss an opportunity to turn more people on to the world’s best grape.

The expression is: “The best wine and the worst wine you’ll ever have will be Pinot Noir.” for a reason.

Whiskey Dinner Menu

As promised, here is a look at the Whiskey Dinner Menu for Thursday, April 4th. Usually I procrastinate more than this! But, for some reason, I was on point and got this out quickly. If you have any questions about the dinner, please let us know. But it’s gonna be fun and we’re sure going to be drinking with you.

Whiskey Dinner

Hello, everyone

I have news! We’re going to do another Whiskey Dinner in 3 weeks, on Thursday, April 4th! Rob is finishing the food menu, right now, and I will match the whiskey to his menu when he’s done. I just wanted to give a head’s up to everyone so that they could make a reservation. The last one was crazy busy, but we’ve only ever done it once, so I don’t honestly know if it’s going to fill up or not. I would just say that if you’re interested, go ahead and make a reservation. I think we’ll be more prepared, this time. It will be a prix fix menu with 4 paired whiskeys. Last time, it was awesome, this time I hope to make it better. I should post the menu to facebook and the website by this Thursday.

This week’s special is Shepard’s Pie with Ground Sirloin, Peas, Carrots and Guinness Gravy. It’s the ultimate home-cooking. If you just need comfort food, come in and try it.

Tuesday Boozeday is tonight, with $7 Glasses of Red and White House Wine, House Cocktails, Brie en Croute and Wings.

Wednesday’s Cocktail specials will be all dessert cocktails. So think Chocolate Martinis and Key Lime Pie Martinis, etc.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be all Pinot Noir. I did a Cabernet Sauvignon tasting last week, and I’ve been spending so much time lately on countries and locations that I figured it would be nice to feature the grape, instead. I don’t want them to get jealous. We’ll do one from New Zealand, one from America, one from France, and maybe one from Italy or something. If you like Pinot (and you should), come in.

That’s a lot of information, so I’m gonna cut it there and if there’s anything else you need to know, just call us or send us a message.


P.S. A lot of Barry White and Marvin Gaye is playing up here, right now, so if you wanna make a special night of it with a significant other, this is a good week. Once it’s my turn to pick music again, it’ll go back to that terrible sad-indie music. Food for thought.

Lobster Ravioli

Well, Elaine is back, so things are back to normal, now.

We’re going to try to do a few events between now and the June Anniversary Wine Dinner. I believe we’re going to do either a Bourbon or Scotch Paired Dinner and the Mayor is going to come in and do a round of celebrity bartending for us. It’s win-win for us, he does all the work AND we get to see him sweat. The last Bourbon Dinner we did was amazing, so we want to do another one. But my question for y’all is: Would you rather do another Bourbon Dinner (obviously with a new menu) or would you rather do something different, like a Scotch Dinner? Please let us know, because we need to put it together pretty soon.

This week’s special is Lobster Ravioli! What what! By popular demand, I should say. Rob’s been in a seafood mood, lately. It will be tossed in a Vodka Tomato Cream Sauce. Perfection.

Tuesday Boozeday will feature $7 Wings, Brie en Croute, Glass of House Red or White, and House Cocktails.

Wednesday’s Cocktails specials will all feature a Jalapeno Tequila infusion that I just made. I’ll have a handful of drinks all made with the infusion, which is just now finishing. It shouldn’t be too spicy, but it’ll have a little kick, and I’m gonna make a few fun drinks with it. Maybe even throw in a little sparkling wine to one of the drinks. Either way, it’s going to be fun, so come try it.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be Cabernet Sauvignon from around the world. Hopefully I’ll get one from California or Washington, one from Argentina, one from France, and one from a wildcard (like South Africa). Thursday night at 7:00pm.

It’s been a weird last week, but that’s why you love us. See you, soon.

Cat’s Away Mice Will Get Some Peace

Hey, guys.

Elaine and Glenn are on a week and a half long vacation, so we here at Bizzi’s are enjoying some relaxation. They’ll be gone this whole week, so if you want to see what Veronika and I are like when we’re not all wound up, this week would be a good time to come see it.

This week’s special is Paella with Chicken, Shrimp, Saffron Sausage and Mussels. This special is by special request of the Mayor of Bedford, so if you like it, you can thank him. Also, if you don’t like it, you can be sure to yell at him at your next opportunity.

Tuesday Boozeday is tonight, with $7 Wings, Brie en Croute, House Red and White Glasses and House Cocktails.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials will all be hot drinks, because I am just gonna take a shot in the dark and guess that it will be cold. I have no idea if that’s true and neither do the weathermen, so let’s just roll with it. A Hot Toddy, Drunk Coffee and one more for $7.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be All California. I recently did France, Spain and Italy, so now it’s time for some domestic stuff. I think we’ll do a Chardonnay, a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Blend and a weird wine. Maybe a California dessert wine or something. We’ll see.

Elaine doesn’t have any info for me to put out, obviously, so that’s it for me. See you soon.

Blackened Ribeye with Cajun Tomato Butter

Hello, everyone!

I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day! Unfortunately for us, I forgot to take pictures of everything on our annual Valentine’s Day Wine Dinner. I know I say this for literally every event, but it’s really hard to remember once you get into the heat of the moment. So, as always, if any of you have any pictures from the dinner, please feel free to share them with us. Otherwise, you can just take my word for it that the dinner was awesome. Why would I lie to you?

The special this week is Blackened Ribeye with a Cajun Tomato Butter.

Tuesday is our Boozeday with $7 Wings, Brie en Croute, House Red, White and House Cocktails.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials are gonna be dealer’s choice, again. I was explaining how that kind of thing works to a couple, here, last week and they seemed really interested. So I’m gonna roll with that in the hopes that they happen to come in for it. Stranger things have happened.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be the Valentine’s Wine Tasting, again, for people who didn’t get to try it last week. A lot of people either get a bottle on Valentine’s Day, so they don’t get to try my totally amazing tasting, or there’s some people who wanted to come to the dinner and couldn’t for whatever reason. Anyway, I’ll post the notes, but just rest assured that it was a freaking sweet tasting. Not sweet as in sugar, just sweet as in cool.

That’s all I got. See you soon!