Thursday’s Wine Tasting

Don’t forget that tonight’s wine tasting will be the Fall Night To Remember Wine Tasting. Just so everyone gets a chance to do it. There’s always some people who couldn’t come to the dinner or didn’t do the tasting, so this is the chance to try something awesome. See you, tonight.

Venison Filet

Sorry for the late email, I “missed” work yesterday.

First off, if anyone has pictures from the Fall Night To Remember Dinner, it would be great if you could send them to us. Rob had them, but got a new phone and somehow lost them all. So we’re outta luck unless one of you had the foresight to photograph our work for us.

Special for this week will be Venison Filet topped with a Mushroom Demi.

Wednesday Cocktail Specials will be Dealer’s Choice. I’m debating on making this a regular thing, just to test the waters. Basically, you tell me the base liquor you want, and I make you a cocktail around that base. I’ll take care of you, I promise.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be the Fall Night To Remember Wine Tasting, for people who either didn’t get a chance to come to the dinner or people who did come, but didn’t get a chance to do the tasting.

Tonight’s Wine Dinner

(I’m sorry, I’m really terrible at Facebook)

We had a last minute cancellation, so we have a table of up to 4 people available for tonight’s Wine Dinner. (Tonight is Friday)

I know I said that yesterday was the last day that I would post the menus and talk about the dinner, but it turns out that I lied. If you’d like a table for tonight, give us a call.

Fall Night to Remember

Just a reminder that we’re closed today and tomorrow, for the Fall Night To Remember Wine Dinner. We’ll re-open on Tuesday for regular business hours.

We still have one spot available for 2 people for tonight’s Wine Dinner. If you’d like it, please give us a call.

Fall Night To Remember Dinner

I gather that everyone already knew, but just to make sure. We will be closed, all day tomorrow, for the Fall Night To Remember Wine Dinner! We have to use the time available to prep. So, I repeat, WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY FRIDAY FOR THE FALL NIGHT TO REMEMBER WINE DINNER!

Also, we have one last table available for tomorrow night’s (Friday’s) wine dinner. We had a cancellation, so a spot has opened up. It would be a table for 2 people. It’ll be first come first serve, so if you’re interested, call. Sorry for the short notice, thanks for helping us make these wine dinners amazing!

Thursday Night

Remember, because of this weekend’s wine dinner, there will be no wine tasting, tonight. Instead, we’ll be doing 20% off of all by-the-bottle wine, from 4:00pm to 9:00pm.

(I’m not putting any stipulations on it, just be cool and don’t ruin it for everyone else….)

Happy Halloween!

This will be a relatively short message because it’s both Halloween Week AND the “Fall Night To Remember” Wine Dinner is this weekend.

Speaking of, we still have a few spots open for Saturday, November 3rd. I’ve posted the menu and the wine tasting notes one last time on Facebook and our website, but you’ll never have to see them, again. (until the next one, that is….) Anyway, I imagine we’ll fill up by mid-week, so give us a call to make a reservation whenever the mood strikes. The wines are killer, and I trust Rob (with food, at least), so I’d say it’s gonna be damn good.

Wednesday, because it’s Halloween, we will be closed all day. I REPEAT, WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY ON HALLOWEEN, WHICH IS WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 31! I don’t know if making it all caps makes you more likely to remember it, or not, but I had to try. It’s going to be a busy week, obviously, and we just wanted to give the staff a chance to spend Halloween with their kids. Rob never gets to take his son out for trick-or-treating, and Mom and Dad don’t get to do the same for their grandkids. Last year, Veronika and I left our front porch light on, but we were at work and didn’t have candy out, so we feel really bad about it and want to make up for it. The kids didn’t even egg our house, so we need to REALLY make it up to them.

No special this week, because….well, duh….

Tuesday Boozeday will still be in effect, with $7 Glass of Red, White, House Cocktails, Wings and Burrata.

No wine tasting on Thursday. Instead, starting at 4:00pm, all wine by the bottle at Bizzi’s will be 20% off, until the end of the night. So come in, and order any bottle you want, and I’ll take 1/5 off. Fractions can be fun, too! Just doing my part to get people more interested in math.

That’s all I’ve got. See you this week/weekend. Have a Happy Halloween!

Napa Valley Tasting

Tonight’s wine tasting will be all Napa Valley. 1 White and 3 Reds, all scoring above 90. Also, Veronika and Elaine are back in town as of tonight, so if you have been holding off from coming in until they get back (which is fair), tonight’s the night. Tasting starts at 7:00pm. See you, then.

Wednesday Cocktail Specials

Tonight’s Special Cocktails will all feature sparkling wine. We’ll be doing Kir Royale, Champagne Cocktail, and Michelle’s Drink, each for $7. I didn’t know that it would be raining quite so much, or I would have done something a little warmer or darker. See you, tonight.

Cruise Week

Well, Mom and Veronika are still out of town, so you’re stuck with me for a few more days. Bummer, I know. But it’s just a few more days. Also, V sent me pictures that I think I can use to blackmail her and Mom at some point, so the week isn’t a total loss.

I got the Fall Night To Remember Wine Tasting notes done last week, but it didn’t seem right to post them out at the end of the week when no one is paying attention (assuming people even pay attention at the beginning of the week), so I will post them, now. They all ended up being amazing wines. “All killer no filler”, is the expression, I believe. So, with that said, we still have spots open for both days, Friday and Saturday, November 2nd and 3rd.

The special this week is Pesto-Stuffed Chicken Breast with Arugula and Herbed-Goat Cheese, topped with a Pesto Cream Sauce.

Tuesday Boozeday is tonight, with $7 House Red, White, and Cocktails along with Wings and Buratta.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials will all feature sparkling wine. 3 different sparkling wine cocktails for $7.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be all Napa Valley. 3 Reds and a White, I believe. Although the White might be my favorite of the bunch, which is unusual for me.

Mom’s not here to tell me if there’s any Cellar news, so let’s just assume there is not.