Tonight’s Wine Tasting

Don’t forget that we’re running back the Fall Night To Remember Wine Tasting tonight at 7:00pm. I already re-posted them yesterday. I don’t think I can say anything about them that I haven’t already said. They’re awesome. 

Saturday Closure and Wine Tasting

I’m sorry, I forgot to mention that we’re closed on Saturday November the 8th. Our oldest friend’s son is getting married. And even if that wasn’t the case, it’s Veronika’s and my 1 year anniversary. And while I don’t usually mind working on birthdays or anniversaries, I feel like if she asked me what we were doing on our anniversary and I said “working”, there wouldn’t be a second year anniversary. Long story short, we’re closed on Saturday, so if you guys are coming in this week, you gotta come in tonight, tomorrow or Friday. The special and wine tasting this week are more than worth it. Try to make some time, if you can.

Also, tonight’s cocktail specials are Campfire Slings (whiskey), The Marguerites (tequila) and High Fashions (gin). Originally, we were gonna ring in the Fall weather, but I jinxed it. So I’m just gonna shut up and wait for the heat/humidity to go away.

Lastly, here’s a quick re-post of the wine tasting notes for tomorrow’s wine tasting at 7:00pm. Like always, I like to give people the opportunity to do the tasting if they couldn’t make it last weekend. Or even if you could make it last weekend, come in and do the wine tasting again, because it’s seriously just that good.

See you, soon.

Texas Bison Strip and Fall Wine Tasting

Hey, guys!

It was a great weekend! If I find any pictures that anyone took, I’ll post them so everyone can see how it went. If not, just picture it in your head.

The special for this week is Herb-Marinated Texas Bison Strip with Sherry Mushrooms.

Wednesday’s cocktail specials will be all Fall inspired, because we seem to officially be making the transition into not 100 degree weather. So, that’s definitely something to look forward to. Anyway, we’ll be doing specials on Campfire Slings (whiskey), The Marguerite (tequila) and High Fashions (gin).

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be a redoux of the Fall Night To Remember Wine Tasting. I always do this for people who didn’t get a chance to come to the dinner, this way people who couldn’t come get to try the booze part. Which is obviously the important part. I’ll repost the notes later, but obviously the highlight of the tasting was the 1996 Madeira. It was wild! To be honest, there wasn’t a weak link in the tasting. Now, I’m biased, but I thought it was amazing.

Mom’s back in town and she told me to let everyone know that she’s doing a Bizzi’s Cellar Tasting on Saturday, November 23rd at 4:00pm. Featuring a Holiday Theme! Get into the season. GET INTO IT!

See you soon.

Fall Night To Remember Dinner and Halloween

Hey, guys, this is going to be a very weird week, for a few reasons.

First, our Fall Night To Remember Wine Dinner is on Friday and Saturday of this week. We still have some spots open, so if you are interested in coming to either day, just give us a call and make a reservation. I am re-posting the Dinner Menu and the Wine Menu for everyone to look at. The wine is especially killer. I found an eclectic mix of stuff that will be awesome and varied. The Madeira is from 1996! It’s older than some of the people we have working here! Also, we will be closed on Halloween. We’ve been closed on Halloween for the last few years, because we’d like for our people to get to trick or treat with their families. One of the perks of being a family business.

There will be no special this week, because we need to spend the time prepping for the wine dinner.

And obviously there won’t be a wine tasting because we’re closed on Thursday. That and we’re doing a big wine tasting the following day, anyway.

I’m sure I’m missing some other stuff, but Mom is out of town until this weekend, so I don’t have her info on the wine club and all that. I know she’s doing a wine club tasting soon, but I’ll have to keep you posted.

So, to reiterate, our Fall Night To Remember Wine Dinner will be on Friday and Saturday, and we still have spots open for both nights. And we will be closed on Halloween, because we want to scare the bejesus out of kids and that’s the only time of the year where that’s acceptable to do it.

I hope to see you this week. 

Fall Night To Remember Wine Tasting Notes

I’ll “officially” send these out next week, but I just finished them and figured people would want a quick peek. I’ll give a bit more detail in the rollout, but I am very proud of the tasting. Especially the 1996 Madeira. That’s almost as old as Veronika.

Merlot From Around The World Tasting Tonight

I just got the tasting notes for tonight’s Merlot tasting. People have a big misconception about Merlot, and a lot of it stems from the movie “Sideways”. Now, as much as I love that movie, that view on Merlot was very reductive and has really damaged Merlot’s value in the United States. At the time the movie was made California was producing mountains of really cheap and jammy Merlot. It was all about quantity over quality. However, the rest of the world was still producing amazing Merlot, just as they have for hundreds of years. Chateau Petrus is year in and year out one of the most expensive wines in the world and also one of the highest rated. It’s also primarily made from Merlot. I would really like to change everyone’s perception of that particular grape, because I think ignoring it is a big mistake. Merlot has so much offer. So come in and see what it tastes like from Italy, France, Washington and, yes, California. The tasting notes are included, if you’re interested in taking a peek. 

(Also, California has backed off making that crazy amount of cheap Merlot. You can still find low quality stuff, but that is the case anywhere with anything. Ironically, they tanked their own value by doing what they did and made American Merlot almost impossible to sell. As a result, they were forced to actually put more effort into making it and rehabilitate the grape’s image. It’s actually a really fascinating story. A story I will expand upon if you come in for the tasting tonight at 7:00pm.)

Mexican Cordon Bleu and Merlot Tasting

Hey, everyone

My brain is functioning at about 50%, and while I’m aware that this is still like double what most people are working with, I’m not gonna be as sharp as I usually am. So, sorry if this message is missing my signature wit and depth. I promise I’ll eventually get back to 100%. Probably not next week, because I have to celebrate Halloween sometime, but maybe the week after that.

The special is a Stuffed Mexican Cordon Bleu with a Green Chile Sauce.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials will be Cucumber Sparklers, Mexican Mules and Peach Mojitos.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be Merlot (Merlots?) from Around The World. So, as much as people ignore Merlot as a viable wine to drink, this should show people that it has a lot to offer. No longer should it be associated with that cheap California swill of the early 2000’s (which shouldn’t have even mattered, because the rest of the world was still doing killer Merlot at that time). Besides there being plenty of good stuff coming out of The States, Bordeaux features Merlot prominently and some of the best Super-Tuscans are either 100% or dominant Merlot. And we’ll get a taste of all of it. Keep an open mind, please.

Don’t forget to sign up for our November 1st and 2nd Fall Night To Remember Dinner. I have already posted the menu previously.


Big Red Wine Tasting, Tonight

I know I sent out the tasting notes, yesterday, for the wine tasting that’s happening tonight at 7:00pm. I wasn’t shipped one of the wines, so I have replaced it with another that is the exact same grape from the exact same region. If I hadn’t said anything, I’m not sure anyone would have noticed. But it’s always best to be more informative than less. So the updated wine tasting notes are attached to this message. It’s a killer tasting, so be sure to make it in to try it with us.

Big Red Thursday Wine Tasting and Wednesday’s Cocktails

So, this is a slightly more nebulous wine tasting set for tomorrow. Rather than doing a specific area or varietal, I picked wines that I thought would pair well with the cooler weather. Just as whites and roses are summer wines, big chewy reds are perfect for the fall and winter. And we have found damn good and damn chewy reds. I have included the tasting notes in this message.

Also, the cocktail tasting for tonight is Peach Cosmos, Cucumber Margaritas and Cassis Mojitos. The last vestige of summer playing out in cocktail form. I’d be more wistful if Texas summers didn’t suck so badly.


Lamb Chops and Fall Wine Tasting

Hello, everyone.

Sorry for the delay, I was working on the tasting and some other wine things for the week/the November Wine Dinner. I figured most people would feel like that was more important than the message. Alcohol first, information second. That’s how I was raised, at least.

The special for the week is Pesto Lamb Chops with a Truffle Sauce.

Wednesday’s cocktail specials will feature Peach Cosmos, Cucumber Margaritas and Cassis Mojitos.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be a “Welcome to Fall” wine tasting, featuring all heavier red wines. Things that are chewy with some body and depth. I’ll send out the specific notes tomorrow, but they’ll be nice and big to ring in the colder weather.

I have more information to send you guys, tomorrow, but I just wanted to get this message out there.

Talk to you, soon.