Sparkling Wine Tasting and Christmas Break

Sorry for sending out another message, I hope I’m not bothering anyone.

I just wanted to remind everyone that Bizzi’s will be closed for a few weeks after this weekend (we will reopen on Tuesday, January 7th) for Christmas break and a facelift. So anyone that wants their Bizzi’s fix needs to come in tonight or tomorrow. This is your last chance to try our Fall menu before we switch over to the Winter menu after the break, so if there’s anything you really like, maybe try to get it one last time in case it goes away. Other than that, we’re pretty awesome so you should try to come see us one last time in 2019, just because.

Also, and maybe more importantly, we are going to continue running last night’s Holiday Celebration Sparkling Wine Tasting until I run out of it. So, if you’d like to do the (really good according to everyone who did it) tasting this weekend, we can surely oblige. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, though. I’ll try to keep everyone posted on that, as well. The tasting notes are attached below. 

If we don’t see you until next year, have a safe holiday and a great new year.


Italian Stuffed Chicken and Holiday Sparkling Wine Tasting

So, Mom wrote the majority of the message today:
“Good afternoon, friends.

Two big things that we need to make sure everyone knows about:

1) We are heading into our last open week for 2019 — so be sure to come in for your Bizzi’s fix before the end of the week!  We will be closed from Sunday, December 22, 2019 until January 7th. We figure to use that time to spruce everything up a bit, as well.  

2) Wynette Griffin, pianist extraordinaire, and I will be playing four hands piano on Thursday night (starting around 6:30pm) to get you into the Christmas spirit — but make reservations if you haven’t, because we are nearly booked already.

Our feature this week is Italian Stuffed Chicken with a Pesto Cream Sauce. 

Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials will be $7 Holiday-Themed cocktails. And just like with Christmas gifts, you don’t get to pick what you get. You can hint at what you like and I’ll make you what I think will make you the happiest. But I promise to try really hard.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting is meant to pair with the four hands holiday piano that we’re doing. We figured what better way to celebrate the holidays than a sparkling wine tasting! It’ll feature one from America, one from Italy, one from Burgundy and an exceedingly good one from Champagne! I’ll send out the notes tomorrow, but please understand that we’re almost booked already with the piano thing so if you are coming to the tasting, please call and make a reservation.

Lastly, Bizzi’s Cellar is moving downstairs!  The Queen Bee is very happy that she will not be lugging wine boxes up and down stairs (after they are all moved downstairs, anyway).  We are offering all of our Cellar in-stock wines at 25% discount through this week for everyone (not just Wine Cellar Club Members), so stock up while you can.

We hope each of you has a healthy, relaxing holiday and we will be here in the New Year to help you make your New Year’s resolutions!
Love from Queen Bee and the Hive”

Wine Sale

Hi, all! We have our Bizzi’s Cellar wines on a special deal through December 21: 25% off on every bottle! We’ll be here from 3-5 p.m. today and then we’ll be here all next week during our normal working hours. Come in and get your holiday stash – we have lots of delicious wines that aren’t available at local big box liquor stores at every price point. 

Wine Tasting Notes and Tonight’s Cocktail Specials

I finished picking out the wines for tomorrow’s wine tasting and I have attached the tasting notes for everyone to get a look at. I basically picked one request each from 4 different people and made a wine tasting out of it. It’s sort of a roundabout way of letting people share their favorite wines with other people.

In addition, the cocktail specials for tonight will be $7 Polar Bear Coffees, Espresso Corettos and Smoked Maple Coffees. All warm drinks for (hopefully) cold weather. Although it felt a little warmer than I’d like the last time I was outside.

Herb-Crusted Buffalo Ribeye and Theme-less Wine Tasting

Hello, everyone

Sorry that I’m late with the email, today, we’ve been pretty busy today and I also have a final tomorrow. So, sorry not sorry about both the late-ness and the lack of funny rambling that I usually do.

The special this week will be Herb-Crusted Buffalo Ribeye with Blended Mash, topped with Truffle Butter.

Wednesday’s Special Cocktails will be $7 Polar Bear Coffees, Espresso Corettos and Smoked Maple Coffees. All warm drinks for (hopefully) cold weather.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be a little different, because I’m trying to do a few things for request (if you ever have a request for a wine tasting, let me know. The only thing is, if you request it and I do it, you can’t bail on me). I’ll send you the specific tasting notes tomorrow, but I believe it’ll have a Chablis and an Oregon Pinot Noir. I’ll let you know the rest tomorrow.

Wish me luck on my final final.

Bordeaux Tasting Tonight at 7:00pm

Just a quick reminder that we’re doing a Bordeaux tasting tonight. One white and 3 reds, all of which I really dig. Everyone’s different, but I imagine you’d be hard pressed to not enjoy these if you like wine. I’m reposting the tasting notes for anyone that didn’t get to see them. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. Or don’t. I’m easy.

Texas Stuffed Quail and Bordeaux Tasting

Welcome back, everyone!

I know you guys didn’t go anywhere, but we did. So I guess I’m wishing myself a welcome back? Either way, I know you missed us. It’s a bit of a scramble today for a variety of reasons, so I’m sure you’ll excuse me if I don’t have quite as much banter as I usually do.

This week’s special will be Texas Stuffed Quail with a Cherry Bourbon sauce. It should pair magnificently with the wine tasting this week.

Wednesday’s cocktail specials will be $7 Monarch Orchards, Icelandic Mules and Maple Bourbon Cooler. All of which feature Apple Cider. Tis the season, after all (for getting drunk).

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be a Bordeaux Tasting! I promised someone I would do it and I make good on my promises, sometimes. I have the tasting notes done and attached to this message for anyone that’s curious to look.

Lastly, Mom has a message for Wine Club: “Hi, everyone!  We have a couple of great wine opportunities for you!  Saturday, December 7 from 3-5 p.m., we are offering a class taught by Greg Leblanc — a fantastic friend and long-time wine distributor.  This class is the first in a monthly series — and we must start with France, of course.  For those not in our Cellar Wine Club, the cost is $20 per person.  We’ll be tasting wine and having snacks that pair with the wine.  Then the following Saturday, December 14, also from 3-5 p.m. we will be having a taste and sale of wine to close out the year!  All are welcome — not just Bizzi’s Cellar Wne Club members.  

Lastly, we have some gift baskets available — we have wine, gift cards, beautiful planters made by local artist Michael Cummings…  Just ask!”

See you, soon!

Thanksgiving Week

Hello, everyone!

Our Thanksgiving Week hours are as follows:Tuesday and Wednesday, open at 4:00pm for Dinner with a limited menu that I have attached to this email. Thursday through Saturday, closed.We will re-open on Tuesday at 11:30am for regular service.

We aren’t doing a special this week, obviously, because we have a limited menu. But I am doing a wine special. A special wine special! I have attached a list of one-off bottles I have that I’m trying to move, so they’re on special pricing. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, but the prices are good and the wines are interesting and good, so get them while you can. I’ll keep the list updated for everyone, as well.

Also, we’ll be doing 30% off of all wines by the bottle for Tuesday and Wednesday, but only if you tell us the password which is: “gobble gobble”. So, if you come in and order a bottle of wine and say “gobble gobble”, we’ll give you 30% off of your bottle. 

Lastly, Mom has a message for everyone: “Wynette Griffin, pianist extraordinaire, and Elaine will be pairing up for our holiday four hands piano on the evening of Thursday, December 19th.  We’ll regale you with jazzy tunes and maybe some singing that evening as you sip & nibble.
Over the next few months, we have a great opportunity to learn about wines from all over the world — and to taste them!  Greg Leblanc, one of our favorite wine experts, will be teaching — the first class is on Saturday, December 7 from 3-5 p.m.  We will, naturally, study France first, and then move one to other countries, styles, and grape varietals as we move into 2020.  The classes are $20 each, and will include wine and also nibbles to pair with the wine.  (The fee is waived for Wine Club members.)  Please let us know if you think you might be interested!

We will have a wine tasting and sale on December 14th as well from 3-5 p.m., so don’t miss out on stocking up for the holidays.”

Thank you and have a great (and safe) Thanksgiving if we don’t see you before then.