Special Appetizers for the Weekend

Tonight and tomorrow, we’ll be offering two special appetizers; Lobster Empanadas and Mushroom Arancini, both for $10. Plus, if you get one of those appetizers, you can pair it with an Oochie Walley (I did not name it!) for $7, as well.  I think they’ll go together quite nicely.

See you this weekend!

Tonight’s Wine Tasting

Just a reminder, the tasting tonight is the Anniversary Tasting for everyone who didn’t get to try it. And I guess also people who did! Here are the notes.

A Hearty Thank You

First and foremost, I just want to say a huge “Thank you!” to everyone that came up here on Saturday and made our 8th Anniversary Dinner amazing. Seriously, thank all of you so much.

The special this week will be Caribbean shrimp, tossed in a citrus glaze, on a bed of coconut rice, with pineapple, bell pepper and onion.

Tonight (Tuesday), we’re still recovering from Saturday (plus I have an exam tomorrow that I need to study for) so we’re not doing anything fancy.

Wednesday we’ll be doing a cocktail tasting featuring Raspberry Collins, Brandy Spritzer, Honey and Smoke. I’m sure we’ll all need them to unwind, anyway.

Thursday, as is tradition, the wine tasting will be the wine tasting from our anniversary dinner. I always do this so that people who didn’t get a chance to come to the dinner for whatever reason can still try the wine tasting. I will re-post the tasting notes, but they’re all great wines. Although oddly enough, the favorite was the Alsace white blend. Who would’ve thought it?

As far as I know there’s nothing else of importance that I need to tell you and no one is around to correct me so……..

See you soon.


Just a reminder that we’re closed on Saturday for our 8th Anniversary Wine Dinner. If you want to come in to Bizzi’s this week (and you should), come in today or tomorrow. Come have a drink with us before we lose our minds on Saturday.

Bizzi’s Anniversary Week!

Hey, guys.

Very, very short message today. Only a couple of things that I need to tell everyone because it’s a little bit of a weird week.

First and foremost, we will be closed all day Saturday for our 8th Anniversary Wine Dinner. That’s the most important thing that I can reiterate to people. WE WILL BE CLOSED ON SATURDAY, JUNE 8th FOR OUR 8th ANNIVERSARY WINE DINNER.

No special this week because we’re using the whole week to prepare for the dinner.

Also, no wine tasting because I’m doing the wine tasting on Saturday.

Tonight, I’m going to do half-bottles for half price. I know it’s a little late notice, but if you come in tonight you can pick any bottle under $200 (with a cork) and half two glasses of it for half the price of the bottle.

It’s been 8 years since we opened. That’s freaking crazy. Come celebrate with us. Someone has to.

Spanish Wine Tasting Tonight

Here’s a look at the tasting notes for tonight’s Spanish Wine Tasting. This is some good stuff, so we hope to see you drinking with us. I have the scores listed on the tasting notes, so take a look if you’re interested. I think they hover around 92.

See you soon!

Crab and Shrimp Bruschetta Angelhair Pasta

Hello, guys and gals!

As has become more common of late, I’m way behind on my message for everyone. I’ve just been trying to get the tastings together and the cocktail list and all that jazz. Plus, we were busy this morning. So, anyway, sorry about that.

The special this week is a Shrimp and Crab Bruschetta Pasta with Angelhair. As much rain as we’re about to get, the seafood will be very weather-appropriate.

Tonight, we’ll be doing a cocktail tasting, featuring a Raspberry Ginger Bellini (Mathilde raspberry liquer, ginger, sparkling wine), a Brandy Daisy (cognac, lemon, grenadine, chartreuse), and a Baker Street Swizzle (absinthe, lemon, falernum, bitters).

Wednesday, we’ll have another day of Half-Bottle for Half-Price. Meaning, if you wanna pick any bottle of ours under $200, you can pay half the cost for half the bottle. Basically, it’s a way for anyone to try 2 glasses of any wine of their choice. It’s a hell of a way to get to try wines that aren’t on my by the glass list.

Thursday’s wine tasting will be Spain! What I’ve done for the last two weeks with Bordeaux and Italy, I’ll be doing with Spain. So 4 of my personal favorite regions of Spain done in a little higher-end style. I’ll post the tasting notes tomorrow, but the wines I’ve gotten are exceptional, again. Assuming they’re not out of stock on any of the wines, I’ll think they’ll hover around 92 points on average each. Plus it’s a pretty wide range of grapes, too. I was worried I was gonna be too Tempranillo/Grenache heavy, but that’s not the case. In one of the wines are grapes I’ve never even heard of.

There’s still a few spots left for the Anniversary Wine Dinner available, so if you’re interested in coming to our 8th Anniversary Party, let us know. I’ve posted the menu and the corresponding wine tasting already so go ahead and take a look if you’re curious. Sooner than later would be better, because it will fill up for sure.

The Bizzi’s Cellar Monthly Wine Club Tasting will be on Saturday June 1st at 4:00pm, for you wine clubbers. She says she’ll see you there.

Thanks for being patient with me. See you soon!

Anniversary Wine Tasting

Sorry this took me so long, it was a pain. I like to do a different country for each course, so that it doesn’t feel like we’re constantly repeating ourselves. I want the wines to be good, obviously, but I also want them to be interesting and open people’s minds to things they might not normally drink. That’s my little side quest with all of these things we do. Hopefully they’re working. Enjoy!

Tonight’s Wine Tasting

Don’t forget we’re doing a ridiculously good wine tasting, tonight. I sent the tasting notes out yesterday, but Wine Spectator has the scores for these wines at 93, 93, 95 and 95. So, you know, no big deal. If you want to taste four amazing examples of four of my favorite Italian wines, come in tonight and drink with us. I’ll be knocking them back with you.

Here’s a picture of the wines, looking really ready to drink. They’re taunting me. See you soon.

Cocktail and Wine Tasting (Read the wine tasting notes)

Don’t forget that tonight’s cocktail tasting features Paloma, Griffith Park Swizzle and Raspberry Blossom. Come get a taste of 3 fantastic cocktails, all night. V’s already started.   🙂

Also, here are the wine tasting notes for tomorrow’s wine tasting. It’s another slightly fancier wine tasting, because why not? I’ll remind everyone tomorrow and send out a picture of the wines, but for now you can comfort yourself with the tasting notes. I feel like I should make it known to everyone that the scores for the wines on the tasting tomorrow night all score a minimum of 93 on Wine Spectator, with two being 95. Jeez.