Our Story

Our fascination with wine, cheese, and bread started with a family vacation to California way back in 2002. We spent several days marveling at the beautiful countryside north of San Francisco, and ate and drank our way through many a winery. We were enthralled by the simplicity and goodness of a family meal out under the trees consisting of a lovely bottle of wine, a farmstead cheese or two, a crusty loaf of fresh bread, and lots of laughter.

As our family talked endlessly over the past five or six years about how we would start a family business that would include all four of our children & their significant others, our parents, our brothers & sisters, and even our grandchildren, we knew that whatever we began would have to provide something for others that would be simple and good. We toyed with starting an organic Texas plant nursery, with teaching, making, & selling beautiful ceramics & pottery pieces, with making our own cheeses. But in all our family discussions about our new business, there was a consistent desire to serve and nurture people with delicious, fresh, simple food & drinks.

In the fall of 2010, we bought the building where Bizzi’s is located, click here to get to the map, and 2011 was spent painting, scrubbing, tiling, and getting the building presentable for you, our guest. So here we are. Lots of family & friends have helped us along the way and are still here. We thank you every one.