Better late than never

Sorry for being a day late to get this message out, school has not been kind to me. But you aren’t reading this to hear me complain (assuming you’re reading this at all and not just sending it straight to your spam filter). Or maybe you are, I don’t know anything anymore.

The special this week will be veal with fingerling potatoes and broccolini, topped with a thyme lemon butter. Basically food that’s tailor-made for sitting inside and getting warm while it pours rain outside.
The wine tasting this week will be the wine tasting we did on Valentine’s Day. We typically try to do the same tasting the following week as we did for our wine dinners, that way if anyone couldn’t make it for any particular reason (this time we booked up early and had to turn a lot of people away) they can still try the alcohol part of the night. I will post the notes for your perusal tonight or tomorrow. The tasting will be on Thursday at 7:00pm.
Also, Mom has a message: “So Bizzi’s Cellar Wine Club is meeting again!  This Saturday, February 22, from 3-5 p.m., we will learn about Spain by tasting wines from all over their fair country.  For those that aren’t Wine Club members, the cost is $20 per person.  For everyone, the wines we taste will be available for sale after the class.  Come learn about Spain in the most enjoyable way ever (unless you’re actually going there soon, and if so, congrats!) with cheese, charcuterie, breads, fruit, and even a little nibble of chocolate.  If you are so inclined to attend, please let us know so we’ll have plenty of sharables for all — 817-281-9500.”
Lastly, and maybe most importantly, we are going to be switching our telephone number, for a variety of reasons. All you need to know is that the new Bizzi’s phone number will be 817-304-0034. I’m going to change it on google and all of our business pages, but I just wanted to give everyone early notice. We’ll continue to use the current number for a little while longer, but we are going to gradually shift it over. 
Thanks for being fans of Bizzi’s.
Queen Bee

Valentine’s Week

So, obviously, this is going to be a very short and to the point message, as we are both incredibly busy this week and because we lack much information to convey to you.

On both Friday and Saturday, the 14th and 15th, we will be only open for our Valentine’s Day Wine Dinner, which is reservation only. Just as a heads-up for everyone. We will be open for regular service the rest of the week.

The special for this week will be a half-rack of lamb with a pesto cream sauce fingerling potatoes and heirloom carrots, back by popular demand.
There will be no wine tasting, because we are doing the whole enchilada (metaphorically) over the weekend. 

See you, soon.

Tonight’s Wine Tasting

Don’t forget that we’re doing a wine tasting tonight at 7:00pm. I posted the tasting notes yesterday, but they’ll all be Spanish wines to pair nicely with this week’s special.

Spanish Wine Tasting Notes

Here are the tasting notes for tomorrow’s Spanish wine tasting.

I don’t know why I’m always surprised by the bang for buck you get with Spanish wines, but I guess I always forget. For people that are score crazy, they all score very well. And for those that don’t care about the score, they all taste damn good. So, win-win.

Hope to see you tomorrow at 7:00pm.

Chicken Fried Angus and Spanish Wines

Hey, guys

The special for the week is chicken fried angus with a jalapeno gravy and fingerling potatoes and heirloom carrots.

Thursday’s wine tasting should pair nicely with it, as we are doing exclusively Spanish wines. We’ll do an Albarino, a Ribera del Duero, a Jumilla and a Rioja (obviously). I actually even think the Albarino will work with the special, if you’re really into white wine. I’ll send out the tasting notes tomorrow, but it’ll be on Thursday at 7:00pm.

In addition to the wine tasting, Elaine wants to let everyone know that the Bizzi’s Cellar is doing the next class in the educational series. This one will be a class on Spain and all that implies, on February 22nd. 

Thanks for listening,


French Wine Tasting Notes

Hopefully I’m not bugging anyone, but I finished the wine tasting notes for tomorrow’s French wine tasting and I wanted to share them with everyone. Also, I picked up a vintage port from 1994 that is drinking fantastically now. 

Hope to you see y’all, tomorrow.

Cornbread-Stuffed Quail and French Wine

Hey, guys.

First, Valentine’s Day is filling up. I believe the 14th is almost full, or maybe completely full, and the 15th has people already booked and typically books up much faster once the 14th fills up. The menu is posted on our website and Facebook. I’ll send out the wine tasting soon, and that’ll probably cause a final push to book us up. So if you want to come to the Valentine’s Day Wine Dinner, you should call sooner than later.

This week’s special is amazing. We’re doing a twist on an old Bizzi’s classic. We’ll be offering cornbread-stuffed quail with a rosemary, orange and balsamic glaze served with brussel sprouts. 

This Thursday’s wine tasting is going to be an all-French lineup. I believe we are doing a Chateauneuf-du-Pape, a Loire Valley Cabernet Franc, a Sancerre rouge and a really nice white Burgundy. We’re trying what we tried last week and that’s to do a wine tasting that not only is good, but pairs well with the special. It’s been a fun exercise for me, and I hope it results in people enjoying their tastings even more. 

I can’t think of anything else I’m supposed to tell you guys, which usually means it’s a good place to end. So, with that in mind….

Have a great day and we’ll see you soon,


Cabernet Sauvignon Tasting Notes

Hey, guys. I just finished the notes for tomorrow’s Cabernet Sauvignon tasting and I wanted to share them with you. This should be a killer pairing with the special and also just by itself. Tomorrow at 7:00pm, don’t be late.

Also, I’m working on the Valentine’s wine tasting. Jeez! Lay off, a little bit, will ya?

Buffalo Ribeye and Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Tasting

Hello everyone!

We’re gradually getting back to normal over here. We’re still not quite there, but little by little, we’re getting there. I didn’t finish it until late last week, but I have a new cocktail list with some cool drink. I have posted it on our Facebook and our website.

With that in mind, the special this week will be buffalo ribeye with a red wine reduction and mushrooms, served with fingerling potatoes and heirloom carrots. Which should pair exceptionally with this week’s wine tasting.

Which leads us to the wine tasting! On Thursday, at 7:00pm, we’ll be doing a cabernet sauvignon wine tasting. It’s not as “different” of a wine tasting as I normally do, but the special this week was just screaming for something like this. We’ll do 4 different cab sauv from 4 different regions, all of which should go great with the special.

Here is a message from Mom: “Bizzi’s Cellar Wine Club members and everyone else: we are conducting a wine class (complete with wine and tapas) about Italy on Saturday, January 25th from 3:00-5:00pm. $20 per person (free to Wine Club members). Greg Leblanc will be teaching and pouring- don’t miss it!”

Lastly, don’t forget to make a reservation for our Valentine’s Day dinner. I have already posted the menu for everyone to see (also on the website and Facebook). If you’re interested, I’d recommend giving us a call this week.

Thank you guys for your support!

Bizzi’s Bistro and Wine Bar