Yes, we are indeed open

We had our pants-on-head-crazy event last night. But we are, indeed, open for business today. We opened at 3:00pm, to be precise, so why are you taking so long to get here? The special is still Fried Duck. If that doesn’t entice you, maybe the Weekend Wine Specials will. If none of that does anything for you, then you may be beyond our help at this point.

Happy December

Well, it’s finally here. December.

It’s the only month where it’s acceptable to put up a tree and lights. To all of you who put yours up in November, you’re out of your minds. I absolutely love Christmas (not as much as Thanksgiving, but that’s another argument), but let’s keep it reasonable. Alright, I’m off my soapbox.

This week’s special is so freaking cool. Fried Duck with Green Chili Jalapeno Gravy. Tell me that doesn’t make your mouth water. And with it being a bit cold out, it’ll warm you right up. I’m making that Homer Simpson drooling sound. It will be in my stomach by the end of the week.

Because of private events, this week, we will be closed all day Thursday, and will re-open Friday at 3:00pm. I repeat WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY ON THURSDAY AND WILL REOPEN ON FRIDAY AT 3:00PM! I will send out another reminder, but it’s always best to get it out of the way early. It still leaves you guys plenty of other time to come in.

Tuesday Boozeday is tonight, with $7 House Red and White Glass, House Cocktails, Wings and Brie en Croute.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials will all be bourbon based. We’re going to do a Bourbon Dinner similar to our Wine Dinners sometime in (I believe) January, so I am going to use this time to try to gather information on what people like.

Thursday, because we’re closed, there will be no wine tasting.

Just like every weekend, I’ll have a few select wines on heavy discount. I don’t send them out, you’ll have to come in to see them, but it’s typically two or three really good wines for around 40% off.

Lastly, Wynette Griffin and our very own Elaine Vaught will be having their annual “A Night Of Christmas Music” next Thursday, December 13th, at 6:30pm. For those that haven’t ever attended, Mrs. Griffin and Elaine do a pair of 1-hour sets together on a single piano. They’ll play a bunch of holiday classics with some pizazz and everyone gets a little tipsy and has a lot of fun. We always have a bunch of drinks on special, mostly hot drinks like Spiked Hot Chocolate and Hot Toddy’s (among others) to keep everyone warm and in the mood, and all wine by the bottle will be 20% off (along with deeper discounts on specific bottles/glasses).

One last thing I have to say to everyone……..Happy December!!!!!

Wednesday Drink Specials

Tonight’s $7 Drink Specials will be a Thanksgiving Dinner Redux. The drinks I did on that dinner will be available tonight for a special price. It’s a little warmer than I’d hoped (again), but there’s some cold drinks on there, as well. There’s a little something for everyone. See you, tonight!


Happy Belated Thanksgiving, everyone!

We’re back and just oh-so-thrilled to be working, again. Always easy to go from relaxing/stuffing your face to working hard, on a dime. I keep hoping that I just gorged so much on Turkey and Stuffing that I passed out and am having a dream where I’m back at work. But V keeps pinching me and it’s not helping. Ugh.

The Special for the week will be a Roasted Ginger-Honey Pork Tenderloin.

Tuesday Boozeday is tonight, with $7 Glass of Red and White Wine, House Cocktails, Brie en Croute and Wings.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials will be a redux of our Thanksgiving Dinner Drinks and Cocktails, except they’ll be $7.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be a belated-Thanksgiving tasting. For those who didn’t get a chance to come in and try our Thanksgiving Dinner Wine Tasting, this will be your chance to try it.

Bizzi’s Cellar Wine Club:  Our last tasting of 2018 will be on Saturday, December 1st from 3-5 p.m.  We’re making it a little earlier in the day for those that have evening plans!

And lastly, come in and hear “Dueling Pianos – A Night of Music” with Wynette Griffin and the Queen Bee on Thursday, December 13th.  Music will start about 6:30 p.m.

Thanksgiving Week…..Redux

Don’t forget, we’re only open Tuesday and Wednesday, this week, both days starting at 3:00pm. We’ll be doing our set menu for both days, along with a fair amount of drink specials. You can do the menu a la carte or as a whole, your call. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. It should be fun. I know we’ll all be nice and relaxed. Very few things can ruin Thanksgiving for Veronika or I. It’s THE holiday. See you soon.

Thanksgiving Week!

I know I said that I would send out these menus yesterday, but, I dunno, I guess I’m just a fundamentally lazy person. Who knew?

Anyway, as I said, we’re running a special menu for food and drinks for these next two days, but you do not have to buy the whole menu. You can, if you’d like, buy the courses a la carte. Obviously you get a discount if you buy the whole thing, though. We wanted people to have flexibility. We are also running a lot of specials on drinks and doing things we don’t normally do. Ultimately, we have a great relationship with everyone that helps us make Bizzi’s what it is, and we wanna make the holidays fun and share them with you. I guarantee you that V and I (and Mom) will be partaking in all of the drinks….

So we’ll be open Tuesday and Wednesday, November 20th and 21st, starting at 3:00pm. We aren’t requiring reservations, but it’d be nice to get a heads up. We will be closed Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Let’s do this.

Thanksgiving’s Week!

I know this is short notice, but on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, we will be doing something special to celebrate Thanksgiving! I’ll post the full menu tomorrow, but we’ll have a special menu both days featuring Bacon-Wrapped Lobster Tails, French Onion Soup, Herb-Crusted Ribeye, Roasted Sweet Potato and Apple Cinnamon Cobbler. That’s not all that will be on the menu, just a little sample. You can do it a-la-carte or if you’d like to do all the courses, we’ll have it at a discounted price. That way people have more freedom to do what they want. In addition to the special menu, I’ll be running a lot of wine and drink specials. We’ll have specials on by the glass and by the bottle wine, cocktails, and I’ll also be doing Wassail and Hot Chocolate and other stuff like that. We’re gonna go all out, but also give people the choice on whether they want to do the whole nine yards or just pick and choose a few things.

I will send out the entire menu, tomorrow, and all of the drink and wine specials that we’ll have, along with the hours and prices. Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up because it’s such short notice. Happy Thanksgiving!

Warm Thoughts

Hello, everyone!

It’s been a strange weekend, as you can imagine. A bit of a whirlwind. We basically just blew through one of the most important decisions/processes of our lives. And I didn’t think twice about it. It’s a little tacky to get married at work and I felt like a dork, but it made sense. With the part Bizzi’s has played in our lives and our relationship, it’s not shocking that we’d also get married here. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you to everyone for being a big part of our lives and our relationship.

The special for the week is Blackened Mahi-Mahi with a Lemon Butter Sauce.

Tuesday Boozeday is tonight with $7 Cabernet or Chardonnay glass, Dealer’s Choice Cocktails, Wings and Brie en Croute.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Special will be something to warm you up. Now that the weather is finally cold, it’s Spiked Hot Chocolate time! We’ll be running specials on various types of Spiked Hot Cocoa on Wednesday night.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be all Red Blends, from a few different areas/countries. I’m thinking that if we drink enough big red blends, we’ll start to feel warmer. Feel free to come and conduct the experiment with me…

The Weekend Wine Specials will be featured on the board  and on the facebook come Friday.

See you, soon.


We didn’t want to make a big thing out of it, but the cat’s out of the bag, now. Mellissa knows, and when Mellissa knows, everyone knows. But to anyone who hasn’t heard, V finally made an honest woman out of me. Yesterday, in the middle of service, we had an ordained friend/regular marry us.

What will everyone nag me about, now that they can’t tell me to marry V two hundred and fifty times a week?
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