Blackened Ribeye with Cajun Tomato Butter

Hello, everyone!

I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day! Unfortunately for us, I forgot to take pictures of everything on our annual Valentine’s Day Wine Dinner. I know I say this for literally every event, but it’s really hard to remember once you get into the heat of the moment. So, as always, if any of you have any pictures from the dinner, please feel free to share them with us. Otherwise, you can just take my word for it that the dinner was awesome. Why would I lie to you?

The special this week is Blackened Ribeye with a Cajun Tomato Butter.

Tuesday is our Boozeday with $7 Wings, Brie en Croute, House Red, White and House Cocktails.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials are gonna be dealer’s choice, again. I was explaining how that kind of thing works to a couple, here, last week and they seemed really interested. So I’m gonna roll with that in the hopes that they happen to come in for it. Stranger things have happened.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be the Valentine’s Wine Tasting, again, for people who didn’t get to try it last week. A lot of people either get a bottle on Valentine’s Day, so they don’t get to try my totally amazing tasting, or there’s some people who wanted to come to the dinner and couldn’t for whatever reason. Anyway, I’ll post the notes, but just rest assured that it was a freaking sweet tasting. Not sweet as in sugar, just sweet as in cool.

That’s all I got. See you soon!

Valentine’s Week

Hey, guys.

Busy week, obviously. This is one of our crazy weeks (although they all feel crazy). Because of Valentine’s Day, we won’t be doing all the usual stuff with our usual hours. So, hopefully everyone sees this and gets a handle on our schedule. We are closed Thursday-Saturday. We will be doing our annual Valentine’s Day Wine Dinner on Thursday and Friday (we are booked up for that), and then because of that, we won’t be able to do normal dinner service on Saturday, so we just decided to close. So, I repeat, WE WILL NOT BE OPEN THURSDAY, FRIDAY OR SATURDAY THIS WEEK. THURSDAY AND FRIDAY ARE VALENTINE’S DINNER DAYS AND SATURDAY IS JUST CLOSED. For those of you who wanted to get a reservation for those days, but couldn’t because we booked up early, I’m very sorry. I prefer to be open all the time and take all comers, but there’s a realistic max with a place this small. Maybe because we filled up so early this year, we’ll do 3 days of Valentine’s Dinner instead of our usual 2. I hope we can do that, those days are always some of my favorite’s throughout the year. Either way, I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day, whatever you decide to do, and do it safely.

No Special for the week.

Tuesday Boozeday is tonight with $7 Wings, Brie en Croute, House Red, White and Cocktails.

Wednesday Cocktail Specials will be Bubbly-Based to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Obviously no Thursday Wine Tasting this week.

I don’t have any other information to share, but I do want to say one last time that I hope you all have a fantastic Valentine’s Day, regardless of how you spend it, and do it safely. And I hope that next year, we see even more of you celebrating with us here at Bizzi’s.

Spanish Tasting, Tonight!

Ai ai ai! Spanish tasting, tonight. It’s gonna be passionate, it’s gonna be spicy, it’s gonna be fun! We’re starting with an Albarino, then a Priorat, then a Ribera del Duero, then a Rioja Gran Reserva, then an optional Amontillado Sherry! I always tell people to drink more Spanish wines. It’s where you can get a lot of damn good value from the old world. Hope to see you, tonight.

Shrimp & Mussels

Hello, fam.

I spent, like, 3 hours drawing little hearts on the sandwich board so I’m sorry the message is a little later than usual. They don’t even look particularly good, I’m just not a very good artist. But, whatever, nobody else offered to help, so here we are. Anywho.

The special for this week is Shrimp & Mussels with a Tomato Lemon Butter on a bed of Spinach and Couscous. With it being a littler warmer, this week, seafood sounds great.

Tuesday Boozeday is tonight, with $7 Wings, Brie en Croute, House Red or White and House Cocktails.

Wednesday Cocktail Specials will feature $7 Bourbon Cocktails. Just ask me for specifics on Wednesday.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will feature all Spanish Wines. We’ve moved through France and Italy, now we’re gonna do Spain. I’m thinking a Rioja, a Ribero del Duero and a white and a wildcard. I’ll send out the wines on Wednesday or Thursday. Come on in.

I don’t think anyone else has anything to say, so that’s all we got.

See you, soon.

Italy Tasting, Tonight!

Don’t forget that tonight’s wine tasting will be all Italian wines. We have 3 reds and a fun Rose, coming from Sicily and Tuscany and Piedmont. All are rated 90 points and above, if you’re into that sort of thing. But more importantly, they taste good.

It starts tonight at 7:00pm. Don’t be late!

Surf n Turf

What’s up, y’all? Bizzi’s in the house!

First and foremost, we are closed for a private event on Friday, February 1st, 2019. I repeat, WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1st FOR A PRIVATE EVENT! Hopefully you guys all get your Bizzi’s fix on Thursday or Saturday. We’ll be open regular business hours on Thursday and Saturday.

The special for this week will be Surf n Turf, with an Herbed Lemon Butter. It pairs great with the new Westerly “Cote Blonde” Syrah that we just put on the by the glass menu. C’mon up.

Tuesday Boozeday is tonight, with $7 Wings, Brie en Croute, Glass of House Red or White Wine, and House Cocktails.

Wednesday’s Cocktail specials will be all be Rum-Based. But older school rum, not any of that new age Pina Colada stuff. We’re looking more at doing classic, prohibition era rum cocktails for $7.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be all Italian wine. I think we’ll do something like we did last week, where we do 1 white and 2 reds and then a crazy, geeky wine to finish it off. That way people can branch out. Can’t let ourselves get stuck in a rut. Life’s about trying new things.

Friday, we are closed all day and we’ll re-open at 5:00pm on Saturday.

The Bizzi’s Cellar tasting is this Saturday at 4:00pm.

Lastly, the Valentine’s Day Wine Dinner is close to full for both days. If you’re interested, I don’t think you’ll be able to wait as long as you usually do to make a reservation. My guess is (granted, I don’t really know anything about anything) that we will fill up both days by the end of this week. So if you’re interested, please call us this week, the sooner the better. I hate turning people away and it typically bugs me for days when I have to tell someone “no”. So try to help me out with that.

See you soon!

Bordeaux Tasting, Tonight!

I don’t usually send out the notes before the tasting unless it’s a special event, but I am making an exception today, simply because the tasting is really cool. Obviously it’s all Bordeaux, which is a good way to start, but instead of the usual fare, we’re adding in a really good blanc and a Sauternes! I can’t recall seeing a Sauternes on a tasting, before (I’m sure it’s happened somewhere in the world, but it’s very uncommon). I always say it, so it probably loses some of it’s meaning, but you should absolutely come to the tasting, tonight. It’s so damn good and so interesting. I cannot recommend it enough.

Seared Scallops and Gnocchi with Tomato Mornay

Word up, everyone!

For those who didn’t see it, I posted the Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu yesterday. We’re taking reservations for both Thursday, February 14th and Friday, February 15th. I will release the wine pairing that will go with the food menu sometime in the next week or two. I have to pick out the wines and that always takes me the longest, then I’ll type it up. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about the dinner. I’m not sure how quickly we’ll fill up, but I do know that the bourbon dinner filled up within a few days and Valentine’s Day always fills up, eventually. Talk to you guys, soon.

The special this week is Seared Scallops and Gnocchi with a Tomato Mornay. Mom’s gnocchi is always the best. Good comfort food, especially during the winter.

Tuesday Boozeday is tonight, with $7 Wings, Brie en Croute, Glass of House Red or White and House Cocktails.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Specials will all feature Sparkling Wine. I made an old school French 75 over the weekend, and it was so awesome that it made me wanna do it at Bizzi’s.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will all be Bordeaux. People always dig that, so I want to give the people what they want. Hopefully it’ll be 1 White Bordeaux and 3 Red Bordeaux. Maybe I’ll even get crazy and do 1 White Bordeaux, 2 Red Bordeaux and 1 Sauternes or Barsac. Let’s live a little! Bordeaux tastings are always the best, anyway.

Bizzi’s Wine Cellar Club Members (or wannabes)…Our tastings will be the first Saturday of every month at 4:00 p.m. – and we have a great lineup for our tasting on Saturday, February 2nd.  So…if you have any interest in tasting eight great wines every month, join us – be a Cellar Cat for $45 or a Cellar Snob for $75 per month.  You get to pick your favorite two bottles.  Fun is promised.


2019 Valentine’s Wine Dinner Menu

I realized, after sending out the message last week that said I’d send out the Valentine’s Menu over the weekend, that my weekend falls on different days than “The Weekend”. Our weekend is Sunday and Monday, rather than y’alls weekend, which would be Saturday and Sunday. That’s not even bringing the singer The Weekend into it. Anyway, here it is: