Thanksgiving’s Week!

I know this is short notice, but on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, we will be doing something special to celebrate Thanksgiving! I’ll post the full menu tomorrow, but we’ll have a special menu both days featuring Bacon-Wrapped Lobster Tails, French Onion Soup, Herb-Crusted Ribeye, Roasted Sweet Potato and Apple Cinnamon Cobbler. That’s not all that will be on the menu, just a little sample. You can do it a-la-carte or if you’d like to do all the courses, we’ll have it at a discounted price. That way people have more freedom to do what they want. In addition to the special menu, I’ll be running a lot of wine and drink specials. We’ll have specials on by the glass and by the bottle wine, cocktails, and I’ll also be doing Wassail and Hot Chocolate and other stuff like that. We’re gonna go all out, but also give people the choice on whether they want to do the whole nine yards or just pick and choose a few things.

I will send out the entire menu, tomorrow, and all of the drink and wine specials that we’ll have, along with the hours and prices. Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up because it’s such short notice. Happy Thanksgiving!

Warm Thoughts

Hello, everyone!

It’s been a strange weekend, as you can imagine. A bit of a whirlwind. We basically just blew through one of the most important decisions/processes of our lives. And I didn’t think twice about it. It’s a little tacky to get married at work and I felt like a dork, but it made sense. With the part Bizzi’s has played in our lives and our relationship, it’s not shocking that we’d also get married here. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you to everyone for being a big part of our lives and our relationship.

The special for the week is Blackened Mahi-Mahi with a Lemon Butter Sauce.

Tuesday Boozeday is tonight with $7 Cabernet or Chardonnay glass, Dealer’s Choice Cocktails, Wings and Brie en Croute.

Wednesday’s Cocktail Special will be something to warm you up. Now that the weather is finally cold, it’s Spiked Hot Chocolate time! We’ll be running specials on various types of Spiked Hot Cocoa on Wednesday night.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be all Red Blends, from a few different areas/countries. I’m thinking that if we drink enough big red blends, we’ll start to feel warmer. Feel free to come and conduct the experiment with me…

The Weekend Wine Specials will be featured on the board  and on the facebook come Friday.

See you, soon.


We didn’t want to make a big thing out of it, but the cat’s out of the bag, now. Mellissa knows, and when Mellissa knows, everyone knows. But to anyone who hasn’t heard, V finally made an honest woman out of me. Yesterday, in the middle of service, we had an ordained friend/regular marry us.

What will everyone nag me about, now that they can’t tell me to marry V two hundred and fifty times a week?
#bizzisbistro #marriage

Thursday’s Wine Tasting

Don’t forget that tonight’s wine tasting will be the Fall Night To Remember Wine Tasting. Just so everyone gets a chance to do it. There’s always some people who couldn’t come to the dinner or didn’t do the tasting, so this is the chance to try something awesome. See you, tonight.

Venison Filet

Sorry for the late email, I “missed” work yesterday.

First off, if anyone has pictures from the Fall Night To Remember Dinner, it would be great if you could send them to us. Rob had them, but got a new phone and somehow lost them all. So we’re outta luck unless one of you had the foresight to photograph our work for us.

Special for this week will be Venison Filet topped with a Mushroom Demi.

Wednesday Cocktail Specials will be Dealer’s Choice. I’m debating on making this a regular thing, just to test the waters. Basically, you tell me the base liquor you want, and I make you a cocktail around that base. I’ll take care of you, I promise.

Thursday’s Wine Tasting will be the Fall Night To Remember Wine Tasting, for people who either didn’t get a chance to come to the dinner or people who did come, but didn’t get a chance to do the tasting.

Tonight’s Wine Dinner

(I’m sorry, I’m really terrible at Facebook)

We had a last minute cancellation, so we have a table of up to 4 people available for tonight’s Wine Dinner. (Tonight is Friday)

I know I said that yesterday was the last day that I would post the menus and talk about the dinner, but it turns out that I lied. If you’d like a table for tonight, give us a call.

Fall Night to Remember

Just a reminder that we’re closed today and tomorrow, for the Fall Night To Remember Wine Dinner. We’ll re-open on Tuesday for regular business hours.

We still have one spot available for 2 people for tonight’s Wine Dinner. If you’d like it, please give us a call.

Fall Night To Remember Dinner

I gather that everyone already knew, but just to make sure. We will be closed, all day tomorrow, for the Fall Night To Remember Wine Dinner! We have to use the time available to prep. So, I repeat, WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY FRIDAY FOR THE FALL NIGHT TO REMEMBER WINE DINNER!

Also, we have one last table available for tomorrow night’s (Friday’s) wine dinner. We had a cancellation, so a spot has opened up. It would be a table for 2 people. It’ll be first come first serve, so if you’re interested, call. Sorry for the short notice, thanks for helping us make these wine dinners amazing!

Thursday Night

Remember, because of this weekend’s wine dinner, there will be no wine tasting, tonight. Instead, we’ll be doing 20% off of all by-the-bottle wine, from 4:00pm to 9:00pm.

(I’m not putting any stipulations on it, just be cool and don’t ruin it for everyone else….)